Quiz: Can You Identify These Canadian Mammals?
Can You Identify These Canadian Mammals?
By: Ian Fortey
Image: Jacques Lafond/Moment Open/Getty Images

About This Quiz

Despite its reputation for harsh, snowy winters, Canada is one of the most bio-diverse countries in the world. With habitats that range from frozen tundra to dry, dusty plains to rich and vibrant forests, there’s a lot of room for a lot of life there. In fact, Canada is home to over 500 species of birds, dozens of snake and turtle species and approximately 200 different species of mammals.

While some of the diverse wildlife in Canada is pretty harmless, ranging from things like squirrels to rabbits, there are a number of deadly predators as well. Lucky for Canada then that it has so much open space to ensure that the people of Toronto rarely have to worry about waking up to a mountain lion or a polar bear on the lawns. 

With an area that is only dwarfed by Russia anywhere else on the globe, Canada is able to support nearly every kind of wildlife you could imagine, some of which roams all across North America and some of which you’ll not find anywhere else on Earth. So how well do you think you know the beasts of the Canadian wilds? No doubt a few will be familiar right off the bat, but it takes a real expert to identify them all. Take the quiz and see just how many of these Canadian mammals you really know.

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This antlered animal is the largest member of the deer family. What is it?
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Can you name this flat-tailed animal is famously a symbol of Canada?
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Who is this masked animal, a common sight even in Canadian cities?
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This fearsome creature is not related to wolves, despite its name. Can you name it?
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Known for its foul odor, this striped mammal is called what?
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Can you identify this large member of the deer family would be called a reindeer in Europe?
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This forest-dwelling creature is the most common kind of its species. What is it known as?
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Can you name this Arctic-dwelling bear, famous for its white coat?
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This mammal used to be found across North America but now is endangered in the lower 48 states. Can you name it?
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Some people call this little fellow a woodchuck. What is it?
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These large mammals are sometimes called buffalo, even though that’s technically a different species. What is it?
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Can you name this aquatic mammal that can be found in the waters of the Arctic?
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Known for its tusks, this large mammal is called what?
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This whale looks like it’d be good at spear-fishing. What is it?
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Can you identify this little fellow, who has adapted to life in the snowy north by turning white in winter?
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This big cat once roamed all across North America. What is it called?
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This species of cat has some distinctive ear tufts. What is it?
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Can you name this tiny flying mammal, found all across Canada?
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This predator resembles the lynx, but is actually smaller. What is it?
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These snowy white mammals are found in the northernmost parts of Canada. Can you identify it?
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This cousin of the wolf is considered a pest by many. What is it?
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What is this intimidating relative of the dog?
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These cousins of the weasel are often raised for their fur. What are they?
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Can you identify these mammals who have a name that sounds like they want to bother you?
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This small animal is a member of the weasel family. What is it?
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These aquatic mammals are famous for the hair that covers their body. What are they known as?
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This mammal is usually found in the Northern Atlantic Ocean and used to be hunted for oil and meat. What is it?
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A Native American name for this animal is “wapiti” which means “light-colored deer.” Can you identify it?
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What is this animal, found not just in Canada but all over the world, called?
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These mammals are famous for their climbing abilities. What are they?
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Can you identify this animal who butts heads when it has a dispute?
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This speedy animal is one of the biggest of its species. What is it?
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This spiky animal has one of the best natural defenses in the animal kingdom. Can you name it?
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Who is this little animal that glides between branches of trees?
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These ground squirrels sound like they might be cowards. What are they?
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Can you name this tiny, striped animal that only grows to be around 6 inches long not including the tail?
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This small mammal is usually found in moist areas near water and is known for eating roots. What is it?
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This unusual-looking creature is known for its ability to dig tunnels. Can you name it?
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This tree-climbing animal is the largest of its species in North America. What is it?
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This little animal may look like a mouse, but it’s actually related to rabbits. Can you name this animal?
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