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If we have to take a look at history, there will probably be many civilizations who claim to have invented the best dessert known to mankind: cake. As humans have advanced, more cakes have been made, and that is something we can be thankful for. But you'll only really be a true cake expert if you know the names of the ones we've gathered for you today. If you can use their pictures and the hints we give you to identify the cake of interest, we'll be very impressed. 

So, this won't be like our usual quizzes -- they'll be more Jeopardy-esque. What this means is that there will be no questions. Instead, we'll just give you a clue or hint, and it'll be your job to match said hint with the cake it's describing. And because there are so many kinds of cakes, you'll have to be especially careful to choose the correct answer.

So, if you think you've seen, eaten or baked enough cakes to name all the ones we have in this quiz, let's get started. 

This cake has a graham cracker base. What is it called?

Cheesecake is a popular delicacy and dessert. It is a layered cake consisting of a base of crushed cookies or crackers and a top of thick cheese mixed with eggs, sugar and vanilla.

The rich color of this cake results from artificial food coloring. Do you know what this is?

The red velvet cake was created in the United States. Beetroot was originally used to give the cake its rich color. Today, food coloring is used.

This cake evolved from medieval carrot pudding, or so they say. Which of the following names does it go by?

Carrot cake originated in the United Kingdom. Made with carrots, eggs, flour and sugar, carrot cake is believed to have evolved from Medieval carrot pudding.

This is s a sponge cake that does not contain butter. What is it called?

Angel cake is a type of sponge cake that originated in the United States. Unlike other cakes, angel cake does not contain butter. It is made using egg whites, cream of tartar, flour and sugar.

This gateau was named after cherry liquor named 'Schwarzwälder Kirschwasser.' Can you name it?

Black forest cake is a type of sponge cake made using chocolate. The cake is decorated with whipped cream, chocolate shavings and maraschino cherries.

The most well-known kind of this type of cake is the strawberry version. Which of the options do you think it is?

Shortcakes are sweet, simple sponge cakes. They are made using flour, sugar and baking soda. Shortcakes are usually topped with whipped cream and fruits. The most popular shortcake is the strawberry shortcake.

Citrus fruit is the star of this treat. Can you tell us what this is?

As the name suggests, lemon cake is flavored using lemon. A bit of zest and few drops of lemon juice are added to the batter. Buttermilk and vanilla are also used.

This delicacy was called the Parker House chocolate cream pie before its current name. What is it called now?

The Boston cream pie constitutes several ingredients. This American cake is made using layers of chocolate cake, sponge cake and custard/cream. To top it off, sugar, chocolate and cherries are used.

This is a very difficult cake to make and is usually baked in a ramekin. Can you guess what it is?

Souffles are of French origin. These cakes are small and fluffy and are made using eggs and a variety of ingredients such as berries, chocolates, cheese and jams.

Cocoa is the primary ingredient in this simple yet delectable cake. Do you know its name?

Chocolate cakes are one of the most popular cake types. They're made using cocoa powder and are often layered.

This log-shaped cake has buttercream and fruits in the middle. What is it called?

Jelly rolls were first made in France. They are essentially log-shaped rolls of sponge cakes filled with jam or fruits and covered in buttercream icing.

Swirls are made in the batter to create the effect which gave this cake its name. Do you know which cake this is?

The great marble cake was created by the Danish. It is made using two different batters such as chocolate and yellow batter. To create the marble look, the two batters are swirled together.

This cake is usually surrounded by lady finger biscuits. Which of the following names does it go by?

Charlotte cakes are elegant cakes made by the French. These sponge cakes are made using bread and cookies and are adorned with ladyfingers. The cake is also filled with fruit purees or custard.

Unlike its biscuit version, this holiday cake is soft and spongy. What's its name?

Gingerbread cake should not be confused with the biscuit of the same name. The cake is made using ginger, molasses and honey. It is a soft foam of loaf cake.

This is a plain cake named for the weight of some of its ingredients. Can you name it?

Pound cakes are often plain cakes. They are made using one pound each of butter, flour, sugar and eggs. Sometimes, pound cakes are flavored with fruits or extracts.

This kind of cake is usually cut into squares and can vary in density. Which of the options do you think it is?

Brownies are flat squares of chocolate cake. They are baked using flour, eggs, sugar, butter and, of course, cocoa powder. Depending on their density, they may be cake or fudge-like.

This aerated plain cake originated in the United Kingdom. Can you tell us what this is?

The sponge cake originates in the United Kingdom. It is a base cake and is used for making several other cake types and is known for being light and well-aerated.

Shaped like a volcano, this cake has a center of gooey chocolate. What is it called?

The molten lava cake is named after its resemblance to a spilling volcano. The cake is dome-shaped and made using cocoa powder. The center of the cake is filled with melted chocolate.

This cake's most important ingredient is a yellow fruit that's rich in potassium. Can you guess what it is?

As is suggested by the name, banana bread is made using ripe bananas. Nuts are also sometimes added.

These tiny cakes take the shape of a shell. Do you know its name?

The Madeleine is of French origin. It is a small, shell-shaped cake that is flavored using lemon, orange or almond.

This is a plain sponge cake that is often confused with angel food cake. What is it called?

The chiffon cake shares some similarities with the angel cake. It is a sponge cake made in the United States using vegetable oil. It is filled with meringue.

This cake was named after the type of pan used to bake it. Do you know what this is?

Bundt cakes are so named because they are baked using a bundt pan. This gives them a distinctive ring shape with a hole in the center.

These tiny cakes look more like tarts and are soaked in rum. Which of the following names do they it go by?

Rum babas are from Italy. These tiny yeast cakes are filled with whipped cream and soaked in rum.

This layered cake is usually decorated with a music sign, or has its name spelled on top. What's it called?

The opera cake is a layered sponge cake. The batter is flavored using almond and coffee. The cake also contains layers of ganache and coffee buttercream.

This cake has a checked pattern and is covered in marzipan. Can you name it?

The Battenberg cake originates in the United Kingdom. It is often made using yellow and pink batter and is checkered on the inside.

A Christmas favorite, this cake has dried fruits and alcohol in its batter. Which of the options do you think it is?

Fruitcakes were first introduced in Italy. They are made using a plain batter infused with dried fruits and rum.

A messy-looking cake, it is usually covered with meringue, with a bunch of berries or other fruits on top. Can you tell us what this is?

The pavlova is from New Zealand. It is made using rings of meringue, fruit fillings and whipped cream.

It is made primarily from a certain dairy product, the kind that is usually spread on toast. What is it called?

A butter cake is made using mainly butter. The butter cake was derived from the English pound cake.

It is a Breton cake that lots of people mistake for a pastry. Can you guess what it is?

The Kouign-Amann is of French origin. This cake is made using bread dough, sugar and butter. It appears layered because of the melted sugar and butter.

This cake is basically a bread that looks like a cake. It is often filled with fruits, similar to a cake. Do you know its name?

The panettone from Italy is a combination of a bread and a cake. It is baked in a circular based dish and is flavored with citron, lemon zest, raisins and candied oranges.

This kind of cake is placed bottom side up and is decorated and eaten that way. What is it called?

Pineapple upside down cake is topped using pineapple rings and cherries. The toppings are placed at the bottom of the cake pan and the cake is flipped after baking.

It uses the milk of a tropical fruit and is also topped with its shavings. Do you know what this is?

Coconut cake is a white or yellow cake flavored using coconut milk. The cake is often topped with buttercream and coconut shavings.

This South American cake has three or more types of milk in it. Which of the following names does it go by?

The tres leches cake is from South America. This cake is made by soaking a sponge cake in a variety of liquid milk.

This layered Italian favorite contains coffee, marscapone and cocoa powder. What is it called?

Tiramisu is a layered cake of espresso-soaked ladyfingers, mascarpone cheese and custard. It is topped with cocoa powder.

This cake is layered with many, many pancake-like objects, although not nearly as many as its name suggests. Can you name it?

A French delicacy, Mille crepes are made using twenty layers of French crepes and vanilla cream.

This cake doesn't usually have the drink in its name; it's just paired with it. Which of the options do you think it is?

Not to be misled by the name, the coffee cake is not made using coffee. Instead, it is flavored using cinnamon, nuts and fruits. The cake is called coffee cake because it is often paired with coffee.

Also called galette des rois, this cake is often topped with a crown. Can you tell us what this is?

The King's cake, or Galette des Rois, has its origin in France and Spain. The cake is prepared at the end of the Christmas season. It has a nut and fruit filling.

Some people call it a yule log, while others say it's something totally different. What is it called?

The Swiss roll originated in the United Kingdom, not Switzerland. It's a roll made of thin sponge cake filled with whipped cream, icing and jam.

This festive cake is usually covered in white and decorated to match the occasion. Can you guess what it is?

As suggested by the name, Christmas cakes are made during the Christmas season. These cakes contain a combination of dried fruits, chocolates and rum.

This dessert is a two-in-one favorite that needs to be refrigerated. Do you know its name?

An ice cream cake is a layered cake of ice cream and sponge cake. The most common ice cream cake is made using three layers: one layer of ice cream sandwiched between two layers of cake.

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