Quiz: Can You Identify These Basic House Features Actual Adults Should Know?
Can You Identify These Basic House Features Actual Adults Should Know?
By: Todd Betzold
Image: Eric Schaeffer / Moment / Getty Images

About This Quiz

While HGTV has made all of us think that we need to renovate or buy a new house, some of us should stick to renting because we don't have a clue about basic house features. We may learn a lot about renovations and flipping a house on HGTV, but is it enough to learn about the basics every home should have?

That's where this quiz comes into play, as we are going to test your knowledge of some typical home features. While these terms may be basic to you, they may seem like a foreign language to other people. You may know what some home features look like, but do you know their names or what uses they have beyond the obvious? We will test you on everything from construction to bathroom features, from exterior items to interior decor.

Maybe you want a pantry or an island in the kitchen, but can you recognize either in a photo? Similar items will be included in this big test today, so try and make your way through the entire quiz and identify the household features you are looking at in the photos. It may not be as easy as you think, so the pressure is on!

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We all know what a sink is, but what's that rubbery layer on the edge of it called?
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What feature, when added on, will make sure your books don't go tumbling down?
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The things that can get caught in these is crazy, so clean them every year. What are they?
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If your door is scraping or getting caught, you may need to tighten these. What are they called?
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This helps wash your body, but do you know how to change it?
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You should change this every three months to keep your air fresh and avoid fires, but what is it?
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Adjusting this during an emergency could be very important, but do you what it is or where it is located?
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What is the opening in a chimney called?
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Often seen in churches, some homes are equipped with this feature. What is it called?
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Some homes have these in the Ionic, Doric or Corinthian style, reminiscent of ancient Greece and Rome. What are they?
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You can find this in a breakfast nook, covered with a cozy cushion and lots of pillows. What is it?
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What do you call that cozy little sitting area around a fireplace?
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If this starts leaking, the dripping may cause you to go insane. What is it?
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You may have seen this on a rooftop, but do you know what it's called?
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It looks like winding stairs, but it is called what?
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What is this special type of window called, that projects outward from the house?
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The top of a door or window has a name. Do you know what it is?
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This area over the fireplace might hold stockings or picture frames. What is it called?
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What window, sometimes found above a front door, is in the shape of a common Japanese item?
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This basic tool will help you determine where your bookshelf anchor goes. What is it?
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A small kitchen near another kitchen? Yes, but what is it called?
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Every house has these and they play a crucial role, but what are they called?
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What metal was often used as a ceiling?
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This plays a crucial part in cooling down the attic, but what is it?
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This little-noticed item keeps your door from slamming into the wall. Do you know what it's called?
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What items are placed on a roof to prevent leaks?
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In your basement or crawl space, what do we call these pipes?
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A new one of these can make a world of difference, but what is it?
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This is a necessary part of the kitchen, especially if you are a bad cook. What is this device called?
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All the power in the house runs through this, but what is it called?
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Found on interior walls, what are these wooden or vinyl strips called?
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Do you know this area of a bathtub, which can get filled with hair?
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These items hold up your ceiling, but do you know what they're called?
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If your house doesn't have a basement, it most likely has this area, which is called what?
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This alarm helps detect an otherwise invisible, odorless gas that can kill. What's it called?
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This sometimes decorative stone is what supports an arch. Do you know what it's called?
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What household feature, rarely in use anymore, once played an important role in feeding a household?
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Let's talk window treatments. What's the name of that thing that goes over the window to hide the blinds or curtain rod?
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Usually right off the kitchen, this room can help when cupboard space is low. What is this room called?
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There's a fire! What do you use to get out?
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