Quiz: Can You Identify These Australian Mammals?
Can You Identify These Australian Mammals?
By: Ian Fortey
Image: pen_ash / Pixabay

About This Quiz

The native wildlife in Australia is known for being a bit more unusual than in most places on Earth. Isolated on an island, the range of creatures evolved on a pretty unique path. There are no native animals in Australia that have hooves; there are no monkeys, no bears and not even any native cat species. 

In fact, only one dog species is considered indigenous to the continent. What Australia does have is plenty of marsupials and even a couple of exceptionally weird mammals that lay eggs. There are marine mammals, rodents galore, and more pouches than you can shake a stick at. Once you get through all of that, there are the non-native species that have been introduced and throughout history. Many non-native species now call Australia home and have adapted quite well to life there, even if all the locals don't want them around.

No doubt you’ll recognize those iconic Aussie animals like a kangaroo and a koala right away, but do you think you can get the rest of them? Do you know the difference between an echidna and a dugong? A wallaby and a numbat? A bandicoot and a bilby? Put your skills to the test and see!

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