Quiz: Can You Identify These Australian Fish?
Can You Identify These Australian Fish?
By: Ian Fortey
Image: Ryan Newton/Moment/Getty Images

About This Quiz

For too long, the marsupials have captivated the attention of Australian wildlife enthusiasts. Sure, koalas are as cute as a bug’s ear and everyone has secretly wanted to try boxing a kangaroo, but have you ever looked in the rivers, lakes and oceans around Australia? They’re positively teeming with unique wildlife. Some of it is small and unassuming, some of it is massive and dangerous. With over 5,000 species of fish, there’s plenty to go around.

Australia’s uniqueness is present as much in its waterways as it is on the land. Some species have been introduced from far away, like rainbow trout, but many species of fish can only be found in Australia, like the blind cave gudgeon. Surrounded on all sides by oceans, it has some of the most remarkable marine species in the world, too. If you want to catch the best champion giant black marlin, you do it in Australia!

So do you think you know the difference between a barramundi and a bullrout? Can you identify an Empire gudgeon at 50 paces? Is there any chance you’d not know an un-speckled hardyhead when you saw one? If you think you have what it takes, dive in and take the test!

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This massive and dangerous-looking fish is prized by sport anglers. What is it?
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This is the largest freshwater fish in Australia. What is it?
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This freshwater fish needs brackish, salty water to spawn. What is it?
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This tube-shaped fish lives mostly in coastal streams. What is it?
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This highly aggressive fish is prized by anglers thanks to its size. What is it?
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This fish looks like two other fish mixed together. What is it?
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This fish is popular as a food item all over the world. What is it?
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This slim fish is related to the flying fish. What is it?
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This shiny-sounding fish is related to a very common North American species. What is it?
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This industrious-sounding fish looks like a shark but is actually a ray. What is it?
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This fish is often dark gray or black and is a threatened species in Australia. What is it?
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This large fish can grow to be over 4 feet long. What is it?
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This bright little fish is often kept in home aquariums. What is it?
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This small-scaled fish is unique to Australia. What is it?
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This fish was imported to Australia from England. What is it?
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This small fish can be found all over northern and central Australia. What is it?
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This colorful tropical fish is highly valued for its meat. What is it?
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This fish is sometimes known as a jade perch. What is it?
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This massive fish can grow to over 8 feet in length and 800 pounds. What is it?
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These little fish look like they have feet. What are they?
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This popular fish is also known as ahi. What is it?
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These long fish start life as transparent larvae in the ocean before heading to fresh water as they mature. What are they?
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This fish is often found near tree-lined areas. What is it?
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This dangerous fish is usually well camouflaged. What is it?
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This fish is sometimes caught as a sport fish but is usually not eaten due to numerous little bones. What is it?
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This lazy-sounding fish is one of the most popular fish for eating in Australia. What is it?
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This colorful fish is valued commercially and with sport fishermen. What is it?
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If you catch this freshwater fish, you're legally required to return to safely to the water. What is it?
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This fish is also called a mosquitofish. What is it?
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This sport fish is often very hard to find in the wild. What is it?
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These fish often have a leopard-like pattern. What are they?
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This popular, tasty fish mostly feeds on algae and detritus. What is it?
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This fish is sometimes called an elbow slapper. What is it?
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These small fish work really well in aquariums. What are they?
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This fish likes to hang around wrecks under water. What is it?
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The skin of this ocean fish is sometimes turned into leather. What is it?
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This eel-like fish can grow to about a foot and a half in length. What is it?
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This fish is also called a houndfish. What is it?
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This fish gets its name from an Aboriginal word that means "large-scaled silver fish." What is it?
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This fish is also known as a Sweet William. What is it?
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