Quiz: Can You Identify These '60s Cars from a Black and White Photo?
Can You Identify These '60s Cars from a Black and White Photo?
By: Robin Tyler
Image: Getty Images

About This Quiz

The 1960s were an interesting time. Think about it: The '60s saw the height of the Cold War which reached fever pitch during the Cuban missile crisis. It also saw different music genres explode. What about the birth of the hippie movement? Yes, the '60s can be remembered for many things including its cars.

Perhaps one of the most important outcomes from motoring in this decade was the birth of the pony car or the muscle car as we affectionately know them today. Now, many people will dispute what the first muscle car in the world was and we not going to get into a discussion about that. 

What we do know is that a certain model released by one of America's biggest brands in 1964 is perhaps the most iconic muscle car ever made. And today, its legacy lives on. Other brands soon followed and by the late '60s, if you didn't have a muscle car, you just weren't part of the young "in" crowd.

But there were many other excellent cars marketed during this decade and today, many of them are sought after.

So we have prepared a list of cars from the '60s for you to identify, and only from a black and white image. 

Can you dig it?

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