Can You Identify the MLB Team From Just Three of its Managers?

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Managers do a lot in professional baseball. They are the unsung heroes, but we're probably guessing that as a baseball fanatic​ you know their names! In this quiz, we'll give you three managers and you give us the team.

Harry Wright, Bobby Cox, Brian Snitker

These are all managers from the Atlanta Braves. The current manager is Brian Snitker, who took over for Fredi Gonzalez.

Don Mattingly, Dan Jennings, Rene Lachemann

These are all managers for the Miami Marlins. Rene Lachemann was the first manager, back when they were the Florida Marlins.

Terry Collins, Davey Johnson, Bobby Valentine

These are all former managers of the New York Mets. Casey Stengel was the first manager.

Bob Ferguson, Charlie Manuel, Pete Mackanin

These are managers of the Philadelphia Phillies. The current manager is Peter Mackanin, who took over for Ryne Sandberg.

Pete Rose, Pat Moran, Bryan Price

Pete Rose is one of the most famous managers of the Cincinnati Reds. He was the last player-manager in professional baseball.

Mike Scioscia, Bill Rigney, Joe Maddon

These are all managers for the Angels. Mike Scioscia is one of the longest-running managers in MLP history. He has served the Angels since 2000.

Jim Fanning, Buck Rodgers, Dusty Baker

These are all managers of the Washington Nationals. Dusty Baker replaced Matt Williams in 2015.

Albert Spalding, Rick Renteria, Joe Maddon

These are managers of the Chicago Cubs. Joe Maddon replaced Rick Renteria in 2014.

Harvey Kuenn, Dale Sveum, Ned Yost

These are managers of the Milwaukee Brewers. Craig Counsell is the current manager, replacing Ron Roenicke.

Horace B. Phillips, Clint Hurdle, Fred Clarke

These fine managers come from the Pittsburgh Pirates. Clint Hurdle, the current manager, replaced John Russell in 2010.

Ned Cuthbert, Mike Matheny, Tony La Russa

These are managers of the St. Louis Cardinals. Did you know that there have been 63 managers in Cardinal history - more than any other team?

Buck Showalter, Bob Brenly, Al Pedrique

These are managers for the Arizona Diamondbacks. The Diamondbacks entered the National League as an expansion team in 1998.

Don Baylor, Bud Black, Walt Weiss

These are managers for the Colorado Rockies. Bud Black, the current manager, replaced Walt Weiss in 2016.

George Taylor, Walter Alston, Tommy Lasorda

The Los Angeles Dodgers began in 1884 as the Brooklyn Atlantics. Walter Alston was the first manager.

Leo Durocher, Burt Shotton, Dave Roberts

Again, we have some proud Los Angeles Dodgers! Dave Roberts is the current manager, replacing Don Mattingly in 2015.

Preston Gomez, Bud Black, Andry Green

San Diego Padre fans better get this one right. Andy Green is the current manager, replacing Pat Murphy in 2015.

John Clapp, Bruce Bochy, Jim Mutrie

These are San Francisco Giants. Bruce Bochy is the current manager. The team began as the New York Gothams in 1883.

Terry Collins, Jerry Manuel, Gil Hodges

These are managers of the New York Mets. Terry Collins is the current manager, and he replaced Jerry Manuel in 2010.

Hugh Duffy, Jimmy McAleer, Jimmie Dykes

These managers come from the Baltimore Orioles. The current manager of the Orioles is Buck Showalter.

Jimmy Collins, Bobby Valentine, Joe Cronin

The Red Sox have a long, rich history in Boston. They've been around since 1901, and Jimmy Collins was the first manager.

John Farrell, Bucky Harris, Billy Herman

Again, Red Sox fans, you should know this! John Farrell is the current manager. Why do Red Sox managers have all the best names? It's a Boston thing.

John McGraw, Joe McCarthy, Casey Stengel

These are some of the most legendary New York Yankees managers. John McGraw was the first Yankees manager.

Billy Martin, Joe Girardi, Joe Torre

Again, here are some pretty amazing New York Yankees managers. The current manager is Joe Girardi, who took over for Joe Torre in 2007.

Larry Rothschild, Kevin Cash, Joe Maddon

The Tampa Bay Rays were originally named the Devil Rays. Larry Rothschild was their first manager in 1998.

Roy Hartsfield, Joe Gibbons, Cito Gaston

These are managers of the Toronto Blue Jays. John Gibbons is the current manager, who took over for John Farrell in 2012.

Clark Griffith, Hugh Duffy, Jimmy Dykes

These are all managers for the Chicago White Sox. Rick Renteria is the current manager, and he took over for Robin Ventura in 2016.

Al Lopez, Charlie Manuel, Eric Wedge

The current manager of the Cleveland Indians is Terry Francona. They've also been known as the Cleveland Blues and Bluebirds.

Bob Glenalvin, Sparky Anderson, Brad Ausmus

The Detroit Tigers current manager is Brad Ausmus. He replaced Jim Leyland in 2013.

Tony Muser, Trey Hillman, Ned Yost

The Kansas City Royals hired Joe Gordon to be their first manager. Ned Yost has held the position since 2010.

Walter Johnson, Paul Molitor, Ron Gardenhire

These are managers for the Minnesota Twins. The current manager is Paul Molitor, who replaced Ron Gardenhire in 2014.

Mickey Vernon, Jeff Banister, Tim Bogar

Did you know that the Texas Rangers were once the Washington Senators? Jeff Banister is their current manager.

Brad Mills, Cecil Cooper, Dave Clark

These are proud Houston Astros. The current manager is A.J. Hinch, who replaced Tom Lawless in 2014.

Bill Rigney, Mike Scioscia, Joe Maddon

These are managers of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Did you know that Joe Maddon has managed 3 different teams? The Cubs, Rays, and Angels.

Darrell Johnson, Scott Servais, Lloyd McClendon

Fans of the Seattle Mariners know these great managers. Scott Servais is the current leader, since 2015.

Bob Melvin, Bob Geren, Connie Mack

Here we have the Oakland Athletics. The team has played under the same name since they were established in 1901.

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