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Buick, GMC, Ford, Chevy, Lincoln, Jeep ... oh my! American automobile manufacturers have been around since the 1890s, and Americans have been fascinated ever since. The notion of a personal transportation system blew people away. The innovation of the automotive industry changed everything we knew about how humans can travel. Soon after, Henry Ford realized he could make more money if he put every one of his workers behind the wheel of one of his cars. Now, nearly 150 years later, the majority of the American population has or has previously owned a vehicle of some sort. 

These days, cars aren't just excellent ways to get from one place to another; they have become collectibles, antiques, and historical objects for people to drool over. People study automobiles and the history of the auto industry and are more than fascinated by everything a car has to offer. They look at the evolution of body shape and engine builds. And if you're still reading this, we bet you're one of those people. 

If you can look at a car and tell the year, make and model, we have a massive challenge for you. Let's see if you can identify all of these cars by American auto manufacturers.

Which Jeep had to be redesigned to meet U.S. Army specifications?

The Willys MA had shortened nuts and bolts to meet Army specifications. It had to be under 2,160 pounds. It was known as the "U.S. Army Truck, 1/4 ton, 4x4, Command Reconnaissance." These Jeeps were made specifically to be Army vehicles.


Which SUV brought luxury to SUV lines across the country?

The Lincoln Navigator was marketed as a luxury SUV, inspiring many other car companies to come up with their luxury lines. It appealed to the upper middle class, because of its high horsepower (230HP) ... even if it only got up to 17 miles to the gallon on the highway.


Which bulky classic based on the Roadmaster convertible is this?

The 1953 Buick Skylark cost a whopping $5,000 at production. However, it was factory customized and had Buick's first V-8. There were only 1,690 Buick Skylarks made in 1953. The low production numbers (along with its unique design) made it a sought-after collectible.


What do you call this hatchback classic?

It looks a little bit like a Gremlin, but the Chevette had a slightly different body style. The Chevette was a rear-wheel drive and had a 3-door and 5-door body style with a hatchback. It was the best-selling small car in 1979 and 1980.


What was the first Jeep model?

The "Quad" in Willys Quad is named after the 4x4 system it featured. It was designed in only 75 days. It was marketed as the "Go Anywhere, Do Anything (TM)" vehicle, and was used for Army reconnaissance.


Which of these trucks is the cousin of the GMC Sierra?

Even though the Silverado has the same mechanical features as the GMC Sierra, the body styles are a little different. The Silverado could get up to 22 miles per gallon on the highway and had a towing capacity of up to 10,000 pounds.


What is the name of this unique truck?

The SSR was marketed as a retractable hardtop convertible pickup. It had a short run, only manufactured between 2003 and 2006. A little known fact about the SSR is that it had a towing capacity of up to 2,500 pounds, but could only get 19 miles to the gallon.


What is this "Coupe Utility Pick-Up"?

This coupe utility was manufactured between 1971 and 1977. It was renamed a Caballero in 1978 and produced until 1987. While it looks a little bit like an El Camino, its body style is a little bulkier.


Which Jeep cost $1,900 at the time of production?

The Jeep Jeepster was designed to be an affordable sports car for Americans. It even included several deluxe features and standard equipment that outranked many vehicles of its time. However, $1,900 was an outlandish price for a vehicle at that time.


It might look like a Ford Mustang, but what Chevrolet car is this?

The Chevy Corvair was marketed with features like an air-cooled engine (very innovative for the time). It was offered in many different body styles, including a coupe, sedan, and station wagon, but the convertible style was the most sought-after.


This SUV wasn't on the market long. What is it?

While it may look like a Jimmy, the Typhoon is actually a high-performance version of the Jimmy. The Typhoon was only produced in 1992 and 1993. It offered a turbo V6 engine for additional pickup, which was needed because its curb weight was 3,822 pounds.


What was the first civilian Jeep offered on the market?

The CJ-2A was initially marketed to farmers who didn't own trucks or tractors at the time. It was easy to market because it could do the work of two horses without overheating, helping farmers with much of their work.


This luxury crossover SUV turned heads. What is it?

This luxury crossover SUV was marketed by Lincoln as a full-size vehicle. Its mid-sized brother, the MKX, is slightly smaller. While the MKT only gets 21 miles to the gallon, it has a towing capacity of up to 2,000 pounds.


What Chevy crossover is named after a celestial event that happens twice a year?

The Equinox was Chevy's compact crossover SUV. It was introduced in 2004. It gets a whopping 38 miles per gallon on the highway, can tow up to 3,500 pounds and has plenty of cargo room.


It looks like the original Batmobile. What type of high-finned Cadillac is this?

The Cadillac Eldorado was introduced in 1953. It featured a wraparound windshield and a custom interior. The 1960 Eldorado model was priced at nearly $8,000, making it GM's most expensive vehicle up to that point.


This Chevy compact was produced for only seven years. What is it?

This 1971 Motor Trend Car of the Year was manufactured between 1970 and 1977. It was also offered in a wagon body style (complete with paneling). Chevy got the name "Vega" from a star in the Lyra constellation.


What was the make and model of America's first all-steel station wagon?

The "Woodie" style had its flaws, so Jeep created a wagon made entirely out of painted steel to overcome weathering, peeling and squeaking. It was designed by Brooks Stevens, who designed the body to be made entirely out of sheet metal.


What is this sporty sedan named after a city in California?

This mid-sized sedan was revived in 1997. It's named after Malibu, California. It boasts a whopping 150 horsepower and is still in production today. The 2019 model offers a hybrid feature as well.


Which car was designed by Harley Earl?

Harley Earl was an automobile designer who worked on custom automobile bodies for Hollywood's elite. He always used modeling clay when he began his designs. Cadillac marketed the LaSalle brand.


What is the name of this convertible which was loved by Hollywood stars of its time?

In the 1940s, this was the car that all the major Hollywood stars and the elite owned. Even Al Capone drove one. It was produced up to 1964. In 1959, it was renamed the Cadillac Series 6200.


Which truck replaced the Chevy S-10 in 2004?

This mid-sized pickup truck was developed in 2004 to replace the Chevy S-10. It runs on diesel and can get up to 30 miles to the gallon on the highway. The 2019 edition has an extended cab and can tow up to 7,000 pounds.


Which truck's slogan was "All Truck ... All Over"?

The Jeep brand was marketed mostly to farmers because of their ability to run in all conditions, on any roads (or lack thereof). The Jeep Willys-Overland Truck offered models that had both two- and four-wheel drive.


This truck was designed to be a stock pick-up. What is it?

The Syclone was marketed as a high-performance pickup truck. It was only produced in 1991 and ended up being a stock pickup. However, even though it had a short life, it led to the 1992-1993 GMC Typhoon.


This is considered America's first "concept car." What is it called?

Believe it or not, the design of the Buick Y-Job influenced body design for years to come. It had electric windows and a power-operated drop top, which didn't come standard on vehicles until decades later.


What is this classic that featured porthole windows and a performance design?

The 1954 Thunderbird was marketed as comfortable and convenient, which surprisingly left out the fact that it was sporty. However, the design and production made it a classic and highly collectible.


This boxy 4-door sedan was popular in the late '70s. What is it?

It looks a lot like a Mercury Monarch or a Ford Granada. That's because they have the same body style. The Lincoln Versailles was manufactured from 1977-1980 to compete with the Cadillac Seville.


These low-cost models made motor vehicles accessible to most Americans. What are they?

Fifteen million Model Ts were sold between 1908 and 1927 when Ford stopped producing them. Henry Ford wanted to make vehicles accessible to all Americans, and he created a product that was well-made and easy to maintain.


This van could be spotted in movies like "Boys on the Side." What is it?

The Mercury Villager was manufactured between 1993 and 2002. It was later called the Nissan Quest, but it has always been a standard minivan for middle-class families because it can get up to 23 miles per gallon on the highway.


This GMC model truck can tow up to 7,000 pounds. What is it?

Released in 2014, the Canyon Crew Cab has the same features as the Chevrolet Colorado. They are cousins, after all. Its bed can reach up to 74.4 inches, and it weighs up to 4,500 pounds.


This unique model didn't last long because America was in a recession when the car was first introduced. What is it?

The Ford Edsel has such a unique body style that it has become a treasured collectible. Unfortunately, it didn't last long, as America had just hit a recession, and people found it more challenging to buy vehicles.


Can you name this SUV made by Mercury?

This mid-size SUV was considered a luxury line. It was manufactured between 1997 and 2010 and could tow up to 3,500 pounds. However, it could only get 20 miles to the gallon on the highway.


This car is named after a celestial object. What is it?

The Mercury Meteor was manufactured between 1961 and 1963. Designers decided to name it the Meteor to appeal to those who were interested in the space race of the 1960s. However, the marketing didn't work well, and the car didn't sell very well.


This is a later body style of an old classic muscle car. What is it?

The 2006 Ford Mustang boasted anywhere from 210 to 300 horsepower, but people liked it the most for the body style. Nearly every body style of the Mustang is considered a collectible.


This iconic beauty was made by Chevy in 1968. What is it called?

The Chevrolet Corvette Stingray was a design that reworked the entire Corvette line. It was made with cast iron alloy cylinder blocks. The Stingray was produced between 1968 and 1982.


This model was inspired by GT-40 race cars. What is it?

The Ford GT body style looks like a hybrid of a Chevy Corvette and a Ford Mustang. This vehicle is all about performance. Ford introduced it as its premium sports car in 2004. The GT had a whopping 550 horsepower engine.


Which compact car had an outlandish development budget?

This successful front-wheel-drive model was an excellent car for city driving. Its development budget was the largest in Ford's history at $870 million. The later models can get up to 37 miles per gallon on the highway.


This crossover may look like a Lincoln, but it isn't. What is it?

This crossover was designed with functionality in mind. There is easy access to the third row, and it holds up to eight passengers. Another great attribute of the Acadia is that it can tow up to 4,000 pounds.


Which model helped revolutionize body styles?

Known as the "jelly bean" style, this body type was more aerodynamic and became very popular. The Taurus was one of Ford's most popular vehicles and not just in the 1980s.


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