Quiz: Can You Identify All of These Flowering Trees From an Image?
Can You Identify All of These Flowering Trees From an Image?
By: Kennita Leon
Image: fhm/Moment/Getty Images

About This Quiz

Flowering trees are not the short little plants that we usually think of when we hear the word "flower." In fact, some of them are so big that they can tower over our houses. They can provide us with protection from the wind, some of them filter air and other are resistant to certain diseases. But with the good also comes the bad, which means that some of these trees also have to ability to kill, both animals and humans. But we're not here to talk about the things these trees can and cannot do, although you may find some of that in our questions. We want to know whether you're able to identify some of the most popular flowering trees in the world. 

Now although they all possess flowers, they do not all bear fruit. It's up to you to use what you know and have seen of these plants to match them to their names. We've added the popular cherry tree, crape myrtle, witch hazel and hibiscus in, but there are also some unfamiliar ones like the forsythia and mimosa tree. 

If you're up to the challenge of trying to name these flowering trees from an image, it's time to get started. 

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This ornamental tree bears a round, red fruit. What is its name?
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Aslo known as rose mallow, can you tell us the name of this tropical, flowering plant?
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Its name refer to an animal which it bears no resemblance to. Do you know what it's called?
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This flowering tree is actually the state flower of North Carolina. Can you tell us what it is?
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Known by many as the bull bay flower, do you know the more common name of this plant?
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This plant can be used as an astringent for acne and hemorrhoids. What do you think it is?
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Sometimes, the word "tonto" precedes this tree's name. What is it?
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This flowering tree is one of the most poisonous in the world. Do you know its name?
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This plant is more vine than tree. Can you tell us what it is called?
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A South American tree known for its trumpet-like flowers, can you name this plant?
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This flower loves the sun and warm countries. Do you know what it is called?
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A plant that contains a dangerous toxin to animals and humans alike, do you know the name of this flower which should not be consumed?
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Named after a botanist named William Forsyth, can you name this plant which was initially taken from China?
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This tree has flowers whose petals appear to be very stringy. Do you know its name?
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This tree has amazing herbal uses, particularly with hormonal ailments. Can you tell us what it is called?
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This tree is also called the crane flower because of the way the flowers are shaped. What is its other name?
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This tree's sweet-smelling flowers are often used as windbreaks in hedges. Can you tell us its name?
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This tree's scientific name is Cornus florida. Using its picture, can you tell us what the common one is?
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This is the national tree of three states: Indiana, Tennessee and Kentucky. Do you know what its name is?
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This tree's official name is "laburnum," but it has a common one which it got from its appearance. What is its name?
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This tree's name stems (no pun intended) from the shape of its flowers. Can you tell us which one it is?
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This tree bears fruit that is poisonous to humans. Which of the options is it?
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Despite this tree having a fruit in its name, it does not bear any. What is it called?
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The appearance of this tree wispy panicles makes it seem like it is surrounded by exhaust. What is it called?
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The first word in this tree's name is the shortened form of its scientific name. Can you tell us what it is?
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There are about 400 herbs and shrubs in this kind of plant. Do you know what it is called?
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This tree has the unique ability of being able to resist most of the diseases that plague roses. Which is it?
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Its name was given because of the speed at which it grows. Do you know which option it is?
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Named for the way its branches cascade, do you known the name of this tree that has flowers shaped like popcorn?
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Known for its smell and white flowers, this tree is used regularly in home decor. Which one is it?
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This tree is also called the flame or flamboyant tree. Which option is a third name?
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A kind of Chinese dogwood, can you tell us what this plant is called?
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This tree is resilient in that it can survive in most types of soil and is mildew-resistant. Do you know what its name is?
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The name we're looking for is the common name of the Brugmansia and Datura plants. Can you tell us what it is?
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Many people call this tree the golden shower tree because of its bright yellow flowers. Do you know its other name?
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This tree is called the perfume tree because of how great it smells. Do you know its common name?
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Also called Althea, which of the options below is another name of this plant?
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The pods of this tree's seeds have cotton fibers that can be used to make things like jackets. Do you know what it's called?
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This tree is used a lot in urban areas because of its ability to resist certain pollutants. Which of the following is it?
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The impala lily and Adenium are two names that this plant goes by. But which of the ones below is another?
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