Can You Identify All of These Company Mascots?

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Advertising is all around us. From television and radio commercials to newer media, such as online advertising, it's hard to ignore. It can be especially hard when a company has a lovable mascot. 

For example, Mickey Mouse is one of the most iconic advertising characters of all time. He is also just as important as a cartoon character. His true importance can be found when visiting Disney parks, where you can find the character's silhouette almost anywhere you look. You might not even realize it!

So many advertising characters have become icons that they have become the subject of parodies as well. Just have a look at the Starbucks logo, for example. One thing that many logos have in common is the fact that they are often based on animals. Despite many being animals, they often vary in appearance to match the brand they are representing. You'll probably never get to see a real tiger play Tony the Tiger.

If you think you're a true expert on the most famous company mascots, now is the chance to prove your knowledge. Try your hand at identifying all 40 of the ones in this quiz to see if you're a master of mascots!

This mascot has been a representative of its company for more than 100 years. Can you name it?

Although most of us know him as the famous Michelin Man, did you know that this name is not actually his official one? If you were friends with this guy, you'd probably call him "Bibendum," which is his real name.

Who is shown here that always seems to be there to help you when you need it most?

Progressive Insurance's Flo (Stephanie Courtney) wasn't supposed to be a mascot at all. She was a very minor character in a commercial until the company realized what a great spokesperson she would be. Since then, she's become an advertising icon.

One of the most famous cartoon characters of all time is also a mascot. Who is he?

Mickey Mouse is the famed mascot of the Walt Disney Company. You can find him in all sorts of unexpected places. His silhouette is hidden throughout Disney movies, Disney parks and many other places. Many people make a game out of finding the hidden Mickeys!

Can you name the mascot shown here, who is based on a real girl?

Having a father as a businessman means that you may get a company named after you. At least that's true for Wendy Thomas who became the mascot for her father's company, Wendy's. She still works with the company itself in commercials and as its spokesperson.

The mascot shown here was first designed by a student. Who is he?

The version​ the student designed of Mr. Peanut didn't stay the same for long, as more features were added to it. Over the years, he has gone through many other design changes as most mascots do. However, one thing hasn't changed and that is how dapper he looks!

Which of the following is this lovable little creature that makes this brand of phone more fun?

The name "Bugdroid" is pretty fitting for this famous mascot. It's hard not to love the adorable little bug that represents Android, but the name "Bugdroid" isn't exactly official. It's used more as an informal name​.

Everything is "Grrrrrrreat" with this one. Do you know who he is?

Tony the Tiger is one of the most recognizable cereal mascots ever created (Frosted Flakes)​. One thing he is known for is always being a cool cat that could hang with the kids. What other cat can slam dunk like Tony can?

Do you know the name of this mascot who was inducted into the Advertising Hall of Fame after only four years?

It's hard not to love this little duck who has become a huge icon in more than just America. In fact, he is especially popular in Japan. The AFLAC Duck is a great example of a mascot that truly works for the company.

You probably thought of him when your parents told you to eat your vegetables. Who is it?

We know the Jolly Green Giant is green as his name suggests. But early in his creation, he wasn't green at all. In his early days, he was also pictured to be carrying around a pod of peas.

Who is this lovable pirate, another fun mascot for a type of cereal?

Everyone knows that Cap'n Crunch is drawn in a cartoon style, so you might be wondering who created him. If you remember the television show, "Rocky and Bullwinkle", the same studio created the beloved Cap'n.

These animals are usually pretty fast. Do you know who this is?

Who is better to be a mascot for Nesquik than a fast, brown rabbit named Quiky? The "N" on his belly makes this bunny easily recognizable and shows you just how much he loves his Nesquik.

Which of the following is this little girl, who is actually a real person?

The real Little Debbie is Debbie McKee-Fowler, the granddaughter of the company's founder. She is also the Executive Vice President of McKee Foods. The brand took on the name in the 1960s, which is also when the Little Debbie mascot was introduced.

Many mascots are based on real people, but this one takes the (rum) cake. What's his name?

Captain Morgan is known to be a famous pirate and, of course, the mascot of an alcoholic beverage. If Captain Morgan was still alive today, we can't help but wonder if he would enjoy the beverage which he represents.

Majestic and beautiful, who are the representatives of a beer company shown here?

The Budweiser Clydesdales have cemented a place in the hearts of everyone. They often share the screen with equally cute dogs and they know how to tug at the heartstrings of Americans and the rest of the world.

Riches and fame all come naturally to this man. Do you know his name?

Mr. Monopoly has had a long history of collecting payments and sending people to jail. In fact, he also once went by the name "Rich Uncle Pennybags" due to all the money he has! He's a true uncle in the hearts of all of us.

Although there are three mascots in use for this company, which one is shown here?

If you have ever eaten Rice Krispies, then you know all about the sound for which they are so famous. That's where the three mascots of the cereal got their name. They've been around for quite a long time, and have had multiple voice actors who have portrayed them.

Everyone loves to poke the stomach of this adorable character. Do you know his name?

Many people know the famous Pillsbury Doughboy, but not so many know that he has a family as well. They included his parents, as well as a wife and children. Nowadays, he's mostly found on his own, however.

What is the name of this mascot of an iconic children's restaurant?

Before the mascot was ever the mouse that we know him as today, Chuck E. Cheese went through many design changes. He was supposed to be a coyote until it was realized that a costume that was purchased for the character was a rat. After this, the rat became the spokesperson until it was finally changed to a mouse.

He's as strong as the house products that he promotes. Can you name him?

Mr. Clean knows how to clean a house properly. You can often catch him helping out around the house on TV commercials. But did you know that the iconic mascot was created from inspiration taken from a real life sailor?

Do you know which character shown here is all about promoting health for everyone?

Elsie the Cow is often shown with her signature flower necklace around her neck. She represents the Borden Dairy Company and is one of the most recognized mascots in America. She deserves it, after being a mascot for the company since the early 1930s!

Just as his name suggests, he was pretty down with the times. Do you know who he is?

Believe it or not, the mascot who we all know as "Kool-Aid Man" was once referred to instead as "Pitcher Man." Although he is essentially a pitcher filled with Kool-Aid, with a name like that, you might have thought he was a baseball player!

Which of the following is the correct name of this dapper representative of a potato chip brand?

Julius Pringles has been the Pringles mascot since the late '60s. Although many know his face, not many truly know his name. Did you know that if you look below Julius, you'll find a hidden Pringle chip above the "I"?

Reba McEntire became the first female in this role. But who is this company's original mascot?

Colonel Sanders was more than just a mascot, he was also the real man behind KFC. In fact, the very first restaurant he ever opened was inside a gas station. Although he owned it, the restaurant was not actually a KFC.

Can you name this iconic character who is often found in Instagram posts with coffee cups?

The Siren is a mermaid based on Norse mythology. The Siren can be found in many places, more than just on coffee cups. It's often parodied and has changed quite a bit since its first appearance on a Starbucks' cup.

One of the most iconic game characters of all time is also a mascot. Who is he?

Although he's not a true official mascot, Mario is the main character who comes to mind when thinking of Nintendo. Created by Shigeru Miyamoto, who first gave him the name "Jumpman," it wasn't long before Mario became a popular character for the company.

Which man shown here is the coolest one in the family?

As many other mascots, Uncle Ben is based on a real person. His name was Frank Brown and the story is that he was well-known for creating some of the best rice in the country. This inspired the mascot that we know and love today.

You know there will be lots of cheesy goodness when you see this guy. What's his name?

Chester Cheetah is known for being just as cool as Tony the Tiger. But did you know that he wasn't always the mascot for Cheetos? At one point in time, the mascot for the brand was actually a mouse. He disappeared and the big cat, Chester, took over the job.

What is the name of this man who always seems to start off his sentences with something similar?

Although he is quite famous around the world, there's not much known about this mysterious mascot. We know that he is intelligent and charming, but who really is the man outside of the commercials? His real name is Jonathan Goldsmith and he is the mascot for Dos Equis beer.

This mascot was born out of a mispronunciation. Do you know who it is?

The famous Gecko has been seen everywhere, doing all kinds of things. One thing you might have noticed is the similarity between "GEICO," the company he represents and the word "gecko." The mispronunciation of the company's name led to the choice of a gecko as its mascot.

Can you name this pup who stole all of our hearts?

Gidget was an adorable Chihuahua that almost accidentally became the mascot for Taco Bell. While she was meant to play the original mascot's girlfriend, she instead ended up getting the starring role in the commercials.

The restaurant that this character represents turned its signature "M" upside down in honor of International Women's Day. Can you name him?

Many may not know that Ronald McDonald actually has many other friends in his fictional land. For example, his friend Hamburglar is a villain and his friend Mayor McCheese was a large cheeseburger​.

Which of the following is someone that you've probably started your day with a few times?

Cornelius Rooster plays on the fact that roosters are well known for signaling that morning is arriving. What better way to represent a breakfast than a bird that wakes you up? The mascot has proven that Corn Flakes can wake you up and get you ready for your day.

This bird loves some fruity goodness. What's his name?

Toucan Sam sure loves a fruity snack. Did you know that the three stripes on his beak represent the first three original colors of the cereal? They were pink, red and yellow. He was voiced by Mel Blanc.

What is the name of the human who is the mascot of this snack brand?

If you knew the human was Sailor Jack, did you also know that his little dog is named Bingo? One other little known fact is that before the two mascots that we know and love today represented Cracker Jack, there were two bears in their place.

The character shown here never stops! Do you know who it is?

The Energizer Bunny was created out of a parody of Energizer's rival, Duracell. It's easy to tell the bunnies of the different companies apart, as the Energizer Bunny has a signature pair of glasses and beats on a drum.

What is the name of this rabbit who puts magic in the air when he's around?

The Trix Rabbit is one mascot that has stuck with the cereal brand since it was created. He made his first appearance in a simple commercial and from there, he was developed into the more detailed character that we know today.

She is everyone's favorite honorary family member. Can you name her?

The woman who inspired Aunt Jemima was a slave named Nancy Green. She was a wonderful lady with an infectious personality that helped with the success of the brand. A 2014 lawsuit by two men claiming to be her heirs, asking for $2 billion in royalties, was dismissed because the men​ could not prove they were related to Green.

You might wonder why she is always so happy if you know her name. Do you know who she is?

The Laughing Cow was not always the same style as she appears today. She went under many design changes, such as with her expression, which now fits the brand much better.

Believe it or not, this mascot has a name. Do you know who he is?

The Quaker Man, as he is most commonly known, is named Larry. Despite being the mascot of the brand for so long, he hasn't had very many changes to his design as other mascots have. He still looks almost identical to his original design.

He is an icon who does his best for his species. Who is he?

Buzz is a bee who has represented Honey Nut Cheerios since the late 1970s. Recently, he's been doing his part in trying to help save the declining bee population. You might have noticed that he is absent from the cereal box and that is the reason why.

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