Quiz: Can You Identify All 40 of These Common House Plants?
Can You Identify All 40 of These Common House Plants?
By: Kennita Leon
Image: shutterstock

About This Quiz

So, just why do we need houseplants? Besides the obvious (decor) plants are very important in the home. For one, they clean the air by eliminating toxins and replacing them with oxygen. Two, they're said to be calming and can lower blood pressure and promote relaxation. And three, they have the power to help recovering patients and even help those afflicted by Alzheimer's. But can you name them? Can you identify some popular houseplants if you saw their pictures?

So today, we're breathing life into this quiz, similar to how these beautiful plants give us the oxygen we need to live. We're going to test whether you can name some of the most common houseplants from a picture. Sure, the orchids, aloe vera, anthurium, lucky bamboo and jade plant will be easy to identify, but can you tell us what a weeping fig, a Chinese evergreen or a Christmas cactus look like? We're going to find out one way or the other just how many plants you can name. Will you have what it takes to become a junior botanist, or should you just stick to counting flower petals? Let's find out!

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