Can You Handle The Heat? Name these common kitchen tools and gadgets.

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It's heating up in the kitchen. Modern cooking has a lot more tools and gadgets than ever before. But can you name them all from an image? Even Betty Crocker might have some trouble. How will you do?

The bread knife will greatly help you when you're trying to cut a loaf of bread. Its serrated edges allow it to cut such even slices.

A faulty or rusted can opener is quite frustrating when trying to cook or eat canned goods. There are few functional alternatives for this gadget though; so make sure to have one on hand.

Need to whip up a pastry? How about a dozen muffins or the crust for a chicken pot pie? The spatula is your go-to gadget. This versatile tool makes mixing dough easy with its non-stick qualities.

Ladles makes serving soup so much easier than using a regular spoon. They come in different materials, such as plastic, wood, and stainless steel. Opt for the stainless steel ladle if you want something that won't melt in your hot soup!

Have you ever been so excited to eat those fresh out of the oven cookies that you grabbed the baking sheet from the oven with your bare hand? Ouch! Please, put your mitts on first.

How is this knife different from other kitchen knives? It's large, with a super-sharp, flat, wide blade. Use it for chopping veggies, melons, meat, or anything else that needs a sharp blade.

Salad tongs make serving your salad less messy and more well-mannered than using a dinner fork (or hands). They come in a variety of materials, such as bamboo, plastic, and steel.

Want to protect your kitchen table from those disappointing rings that casserole dishes make? Thank goodness you have the trivet. Put your hot dish on one of these and say goodbye to those ugly marks.

Cutting boards come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and materials. Interestingly shaped ones make great gifts for those who like to cook.

Stir spoons have a long handle and are commonly used for stirring mixed drinks. This is considered a serving utensil, rather than a spoon you'd eat with.

If messes while cooking really bother you, you'll get a lot of use out of the splatter guard. They come in different shapes and sizes; one style looks like a funnel, others look like a large, round fly swatter.

The stock pot is named for exactly what it cooks; soup stock. Make sure to have hours, or even most of the day, available before you make stock, as it takes a while.

Thermometers can be used in many other places in addition to the kitchen. Oral, car and outdoor temperature gauges are some that we use to check for health, safety and curiosity.

Measuring cups are a unit of measurement used for baking and cooking. Did you know that most countries do not use this same unit? Cups are most commonly used in the United States. Other countries use ounces to measure.

Broiler pans are made of steel and have a porcelain coating on them to keep your food from sticking. Watch out; these get hot! They can withstand extremely hot temperatures.

This tool is versatile and easy to use; just hold it in your hand and click a button to blend ingredients together. Be aware that this is different than a hand mixer, which is used more for beating eggs and making batters.

Measuring spoons usually come in sizes from 1/4 - 1 teaspoon, along with a tablespoon. Be careful when measuring ingredients. A lowercase 't' means teaspoon, while an uppercase 'T' means tablespoon.

Casseroles are a great dinner to make when you want to just 'throw it in the oven.' Some examples of casseroles are hamburger, Mexican, breakfast and cheesy chicken Alfredo. Yum!

How is a kitchen scale useful? Have you ever copied a recipe exactly from the cookbook and had it come out not-so-scrumptious? That's where the scale comes in handy. Rather than measuring your ingredients with cups, you can weigh them to get the most accurate measurement.

Mixing bowls come in a variety of sizes and are useful for cooking and baking. Having a set available is handy, since many recipes call for wet and dry ingredients to be mixed in separate bowls.

Baking sheet pans are most commonly known for the warm, delicious cookies they hold. For what else could a baking pan be used? Pizza dough, roasting seeds, baking granola ... the possibilities are endless.

Blenders are great for liquifying ingredients. Who doesn't enjoy slurping on a delicious smoothie or milkshake? But be careful when using this tool. It has very sharp blades at the bottom that can easily slice a finger.

The colander is used to rinse or drain fruits, veggies, pasta, lentils and more. Simply put whatever you want to rinse in the colander and hold it under running water. Once you're done washing, let the water drain out of the bottom and you're ready to go.

Want to grill but don't have a barbecue? Try the grill pan; it cooks food just like a grill.

Food storage containers are leftover savers, and are great for efficient storage and lunch box packing. They come in all sizes and are usually made of plastic or glass.

Vegetable peelers help keep your veggies dirt-free, bruise-free and imperfection-free. They can be used for most vegetables, such as carrots and cucumbers.

Cast iron skillets are excellent for cooking over the stove. These need different care than stainless steel pans, and you have to season them before and after each use. Season by taking any type of cooking oil, spreading it around the pan and melting it using the stove or by putting the skillet in the oven.

Aluminum foil is helpful for food preparation and storage, but did you ever think about using it for other common household problems? Sharpen your silver cutlery, scrub pots and clean jewelry with this foil of many functions!

The potato masher is not just for mashing potatoes, It can be used to smash, mash and pound any cooked food. This tool has a handle and a head for mashing.

The boiling pot is a multi-functional tool that can be used multiple times a day. Cook vegetables, boil water for tea, cook hot cereal and more!

Parchment paper is useful for baking, especially when you don't want your cookies to stick to the baking pan. How does it not stick? It's treated with acid during the production process, allowing it to withstand super hot temperatures.

The whisk helps beat ingredients together in order to make a completely blended substance. Did you know that the verb for using a whisk is 'whisking'?

Yes, sponges are a creature in the ocean, but what we're talking about here is a scrubbing device for your pots and pans. Like the ocean dweller, it also works best with water.

Salad spinners are an excellent tool for those Peter Rabbits out there who love greens. It will take the water our of your greens after washing, making them perfect for a salad.

The small saucepan is useful for boiling small amounts of water, heating up sauces, and more. Did you know that aluminum pans scratch easily and can leave residue in your food? Try one made of stainless steel to avoid these issues.

How are dish towels different than bath towels? Dish towels are much thinner, and usually made of cotton, linen, or microfiber.

A grater is super helpful for shredding cheese and other food items. Use one to add to a casserole, tacos, or for the toppings on your French onion soup.

Did you know that sauté is the verb for frying something quickly in fat? It it also the name of a ballet jump.

Try using circular shaped cube trays to put a twist on your cold drinks. Ice cube trays now come in silicone, making it easier to pop the cubes or circles out.

Bet you can't cut through iceberg lettuce with regular scissors. Kitchen shears are a key component of any kitchen.

What makes stainless steel 'stainless'? It has 10.5% Chromium, which protects the pan from abrasions.

Dish racks provide an organized, clean way to store your dishes while they dry. This is for those who hand-wash of course; those who opt for the easy dishwasher machine don't need to worry about drying.

You get to decide what goes into your juice with the citrus juicer. They make delicious and nutritious juices; all you need is some fruit.

Have you ever had a knife that worked wonderfully turn dull? Rather than having a useless tool, use a knife sharpener to get it working again.

Make sure to have lots of paper filters and coffee grounds on hand so you'll never miss your morning cup! Did you know the first coffee filter was invented by a German lady in the early 1900s?

The garlic press is great for those of you who like to add garlic to your cooking. You can also use it for crushing ginger!

Have you ever seen a tool with a long, round steel bar coming out of its handle with your knife set? This is a honing steel; it is used to re-align the edge of a knife.

The original electric toaster was invented in the late 1800s by MacMasters in Scotland. Prior to that, toast lovers put their bread over open flames to get it brown.

The paring knife is useful for peeling or cutting veggies and fruits. It has a small blade and handle, and is easy to maneuver without cutting your fingers.

Want a pan that will cook your food evenly? Try a saucepan made of copper!

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