Quiz: Can You Guess What Country These Names Originated From?
Can You Guess What Country These Names Originated From?
By: Annette
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Do you consider yourself relatively knowledgeable about the origins of names? Take this quiz to find out how much you really know.

What's in a name? Quite a bit, actually. Many people name their children based on the meaning of the name and where that name originated from. For instance, if you are Irish, you might want to give your child an Irish name. You might also want to ensure that the name conveys a meaningful message. If you're Irish, you might name your little girl, Kiera, or your little boy, Reilley. If you're of German descent, you might want to name your little girl, Greta, and your little boy, Helmut.

Some last names are even identifiable by their nation of origin. Add a "Mc" to just about any name, and you can be almost certain the person has Irish in his or her bloodline. If you meet someone with the last name of Wagner, you might correctly assume that he or she is of German descent. Of course, we'll add the disclaimer that the individual's personal association with his or her ancestry might be so far removed that he no longer identifies as having such a bloodline, but origins are origins.

Take this quiz to see if you can identify what country these names originated from.

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Liam is both an Irish and an English name. The most famous Liam is Liam Neeson!

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Wilhelm is basically the German version of William. It's an ancient Germanic name.

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Guillermo comes to us from Spain. It's another incarnation of William.

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Jacques comes to us from France. Yakub would be the Arabic version.

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Jaime is the Spanish version of Jamie. They also might call him Jacobo.

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Emma originally came from Germany. These days, there are countless countries that use this beautiful female name.

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Sophie began as an Ancient Greek name. These days, Sophia is a common English name.

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Vivi is a common female name in Sweden. But it's still derived from Sophia.

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Charlotte was originally a French name. But it began as the female version of Charles, which came from England.

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Carolina is a Spanish female name. You will also find Carolinas in Portugal.

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Ava is a name that comes to us from ancient Persia. It means "voice" or "sound."

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Austin is a very English name, but it's also derived from an old French word. The name of Austin means "venerable."

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Harper is a traditional English name. It can be used for either men or women.

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That was a hard one! Apikalia is a Hawaiian name, but it's derived from Abigail, which is English.

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Chloé is a common French name. The derivation is Chloe, which means "green shoot."

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The name Gavril comes to us from Romania. It's derived from Gabriel, which is a popular Hebrew name.

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Wyatt is a common English name. It is derived from the medieval given name, Wyot.

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Anabella comes to us from Italy, It's one of the many incarnations of Anna, which is derived from Hannah.

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In France the name Anaïs was born. This is the French way of saying Anna. Annette also comes from France.

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Lincoln is a traditional English name. It's derived from the name of an actual city in England.

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Domenico is a common Italian name. It's derived from Dominic, which means "of the lord."

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Kornelija is a popular Serbian name. It's derived from the name Cora, which is derived from Greek mythology.

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Willow is a very English name. It's the name of a type of tree, and it comes from an old English word.

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Kimberly is a name that comes to us from South Africa. Funny enough, there's a city there named after Lord Kimberley.

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Miguel has its origins in Spain and Portugal. In Turkey it is Mikail!

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Mariam is a common name in Armenia. But there are many versions of Mya around the world.

Lukas is common in Germany, Scandinavia and Lithuania. It's their version of the name Luke, which is a Biblical name.

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Sienna is a beautiful girl's name that comes to us from Italy. The name means "orange-red."

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Мартин is, of course, a Russian name. It's also common in Bulgaria and Macedonia, and means "Martin."

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Olive is, of course, an English female name. It's derived from the name of the tree!

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Lyov is a common Russian name, derived from Leon. It's also common to see this name as Leo.

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Ruta is a beautiful Polish name. It's derived from the Biblical name, Ruth.

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Well, Arabia isn't very specific, but Aliyyah is Arabic in origin. It comes from the masculine name, Ali.

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Babette is a delightful French name. It's derived from the immensely popular Isabella.

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Elizabeth is one of the most popular English female names. That being said, it originated in the 12th century with Saint Elizabeth of Hungary

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