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Suppose you just graduated from college or your local high school.  While many of us may not know exactly what we want to do for work, once you find a job, you are antsy to get into your workplace and grind through your day, especially when that job is new and full of learning opportunities.  Eventually, you may feel like your job is a drag, but if you have your dream job, it may not feel like you're working at all and the hours just fly on by.

But what kind of position would you want to have?  Do you like serving the community?  If so, police work or firefighting may be the job for you.  How about educating students from all over the world?  Then being a teacher or professor may be your best bet.  Maybe you love taking care of others?  Caretaking, nursing or being a doctor may be the perfect fit.  Or perhaps you are a righteous person who is always righting wrongs.  If that is the case (pun intended), then being a public defender, attorney, paralegal or a judge may be in your best interest to pursue.

Do you want to know what your colleagues will look like?  Well, we've gathered some images of the ideal person in their workplace, so you can discover what your future holds by taking this quiz.

They assist doctors.

The assistants to doctors, nurses work in various settings. Some are employed in hospitals, health centers, clinics and homes. A nurse's primary responsibility is to care for the patient.

They uphold the law.

To serve and to protect is the motto of many officers. Police officers, although called differently in their respective countries, all have the same duties; to protect citizens, enforce laws and prevent crime. Carrying such a heavy weight on their shoulders, police officers are rewarded with early retirement, a competitive salary, medical coverage and paid vacations.

They keep our homes clean.

Maids are often looked down upon as persons of a lower class since the era of slavery. Often female, maids are employed by homeowners to do daily chores. They are responsible for cleaning, cooking and laundry. Maids can sometimes be self-employed or part of a cleaning company.

They serve us on planes.

Given the 21st-century travel buzz, this is probably one of the most exciting occupations. Besides getting to meet different people every day, air hostesses travel the world for free. Flight attendants or stewardesses, as they are commonly called, are responsible for the safety and comfort of passengers on a flight. Although this female-dominated career seems to be all fun, there are strict rules to adhere to.

They fight for our country.

Being a soldier is one of the hardest and riskiest jobs in the universe. Not only do soldiers have to spend months and sometimes years away from their families, but they also must partake in wars, risking their lives to protect their country. For this, they are given several allowances and benefits. In some countries like Kazakhstan and Turkey, it is mandatory to serve at least one year in the military.

They save us from drowning.

Lifeguards work near pools and beaches. They are trained rescue-professionals responsible for enforcing safety rules in these areas. Lifeguards observe swimmers and respond quickly to emergencies.

They basically live on the seas.

Sailors, also called seafarers, do just that; fare the sea. They navigate water-borne vessels like tankers, ships and freighters. Sailors earn a moderate salary and may sail for up to six months in one trip. Apart from navigating, they also maintain and service the vessels.

They go to space.

A common childhood dream career, astronauts first became popular in 1969 when Apollo 11 made its touchdown on the moon with Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Edwin Aldrin. Apart from floating in space, astronauts work aboard spacecraft and venture on space missions where they conduct research.

They literally fight fire.

A pretty hazardous job, firefighters are one of society's heroes. They are first responders to fires and car accidents and are responsible for extinguishing and investigating the cause of a fire, as well as rescuing any victims. Although most firefighters are trained professionals, some are also community volunteers.

They go very fast.

Driving a cool sports car and competing in races year-round sounds like a lot of fun. To top it off, professional racers can earn as much as $10 million in a year.

They devote their lives to the Lord.

Although the term nun and sister are often used interchangeably, they are not the same. Nuns are adorned in a white wimple and veil and belong to a group of religious women who have agreed to live their lives under the vows of chastity, poverty, and obedience. Unlike sisters, they do not work outside the convent.

They see us when we're sick.

Looked upon as one of the most prestigious jobs, doctors are life-savers, literally. After nearly a decade of study, these individuals are the heads of the health sector. They advise, treat and diagnose patients. Doctors earn a high income both when working for health institutions and themselves.

They are the monitors of sports matches.

Simply called ref for short, referees are the neutral party in sports. They enforce sporting rules, keep time and make immediate decisions when needed. Although a degree is not needed to become a referee, individuals need to be at least 21 years of age and must pass a certification test for most professional leagues.

They keep the peace in smaller towns.

Sheriffs are most popular in the southern states of the United States of America. They are elected and are responsible for maintaining the peace and enforcing the law in their county.

The master of ceremonies at a circus

A ringmaster is a part of a circus. Often wearing a brightly colored tailcoat and top hat, these individuals act as master of ceremonies of the circus. They announce the circus acts and direct the audience's attention.

They ride racehorses.

Coming in often at a maximum weight of 120 pounds are jockeys. Jockeys are horseback riders who partake in horse racing. Despite their light weight, they can control 1,200-pound horses. Jockeys are dressed in the colors of the trainer who employs them.

Their workplaces are rings and gyms.

A boxer is an athlete who participates in the combat sport, boxing. Boxers throw defeating punches at each other while wearing protective gloves to minimize the blows. The winner is handsomely rewarded with large cash prizes.

They deliver letters and packages.

Often portrayed as the man being chased by dogs, the mailman is responsible for delivering mail to various addresses. Some work by foot while others drive mailvans. A mailman earns a moderate salary of 30,000-40,000 dollars.

They fix cars and other vehicles.

Mechanics are fixers. They are responsible for restoring machines, transports and automobiles when they become faulty. In some countries like the United States, a bachelors degree in electronics or automotive technology is required. In other smaller countries, basic knowledge and experience are sufficient.

They analyze specimens in a controlled environment.

Short for laboratory technician, lab techs work in a variety of fields, extending from education to pharmaceuticals. They are responsible for preparing specimens and operating lab equipment. They work with lab technologists who are responsible for the more analytical aspects.

They cook food.

Chefs are extraordinary cooks. They can assemble the weirdest of ingredients to create a dish that is quite palatable. There are various types of chefs, with executive chefs being the highest rank.

They fly planes.

Pilots fly planes. They may be either a commercial pilot or an airline pilot. Airline pilots fly planes that transport people while commercial pilots fly chartered aircraft. Both are also responsible for performing plane checks before taking flight.

Their word is final ... most times.

A judge is seen as the head of the courtroom. They make non-biased decisions based on the evidence presented. Most judges were formerly lawyers and thus hold degrees in law.

They serve cold treats.

Most children's favorite, the ice-cream man brings joy to children everywhere; in the form of ice cream. Earning in the lower 5-figure range, this summertime occupation was first introduced in 1920 and involves selling ice cream out of a truck.

They drive us around.

A chauffeur is an individual who is hired to drive private and most often luxurious vehicles. Considered to be more than just a driver, chauffeurs are trained professionals. They aim to please and meet the requests of their passengers, much like a personal butler.

They take care of trash.

Often considered a lower-class job in developing countries, garbage men or sanitary workers collect and properly dispose of rubbish. As a garbage man, the individual either drives the garbage truck or picks up the waste.

They bring us our packages.

Similar to a mailman, the delivery guy delivers to various addresses. The only difference is they deliver more than just mail. A delivery guy is responsible for dropping off packages, documents and even food depending on their employer.

They catch sea creatures.

A fisherman makes his living by catching and selling fish. In smaller islands, fishermen go out to sea in small dinghies or wooden boats and sell their fresh catch in local communities. In developed countries, larger vessels are used. The huge masses of fish are kept frozen at sea for months and then sold off to factories and grocery stores.

They lead mass on Sundays.

Priests are religious workers who lead masses and other religious ceremonies in a church. Commonly affiliated with the Roman Catholic denomination, priests are the fathers of the church. They are not allowed to be married and are paid from the monetary collections made at masses.

They park our cars for us.

Most often employed by hotels and fine restaurants, valets are those individuals seen waiting at the entrance ready to attend to arriving and leaving customers. They are responsible for parking and retrieving cars for the respective owners. Those employed by hotels may also assist in carrying in luggage. Historically, the term valet referred to a manservant.

They collect honey.

A beekeeper is a type of farmer. He raises bees in hives for the production of honey, wax, royal jelly and pollen. A beekeeper also maintains bees and ensures that they are healthy. They may sometimes sell bees to other farmers for pollination purposes.

Music is very important in their field.

Although dancing is often considered a hobby, some take it up as a profession. An upbeat and fun job, dancers spend their day dancing of course. There are various types of dance including, ballet, hip-hop, jazz and contemporary. Dancers most often form part of dance groups.

They take our orders.

Waiting is a popular part-time job. Most individuals become waiters while studying or simply to earn an extra dollar. Waiters/waitresses wait on tables, take orders and serve food and drinks. They are employed by restaurants and cafes.

They play music.

DJ for short, disc jockeys play music. They work at radio stations, clubs, parties and weddings. DJs often have selected playlists for specific audiences.

They plants crops.

Farmers bear the burden of maintaining the food supply in their countries. Farmers may be engaged in the rearing of animals or planting of crops. The products are then sold for consumption to individuals and companies. Farming requires hard work, but also pays well.

They make movie magic.

Whether employed by a company or in the movie industry, directors carry out one task; to lead and execute plans flawlessly. Both positions are highly paid and require at least a bachelors degree in film and fine arts or business administration respectively.

Books are their best friends.

As the world advances technologically, the need for librarians lessens. As such, this occupation is expected to grow by 1.9%. Librarians work in libraries and are trained in information science.

Cosmetics are their main tools.

With society's ever-changing beauty standards, the number of makeup artists is on the rise. Cosmetologists, as they are sometimes called, apply cosmetics to the human face and body to improve or change the appearance of a person. Makeup artists are employed in the movie industry, fashion industry and are also privately hired by individuals.

They excavate tunnels.

Sometimes used to refer to anyone who works near a mine, miners are those individuals who extract minerals from the earth. Mining is considered one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. Miners dig through rocks, sometimes using explosives to get ore, coal and metals.

They come up with ideas for clothing.

Fashion designers study fashion and design clothes to keep up with trends in their respective countries. They sketch and create styles which are then shown off in fashion shows and later retailed to stores. Fashion designers may choose to design clothing, accessories or shoes.

They draw or sculpt, among other things.

Artists create art. They use their above-average creative minds to sculpt, draw, paint or weave beautiful pieces. Their work may be displayed in museums and art shows and purchased by individuals to decorate their homes.

Private men and women hired to protect places

Hired to protect, security guards are employed by retail stores, hotels, banks and various other institutions. They guard merchandise, assets and property, preventing risks and crime.

They can tell us our future ... supposedly.

Persons who wish to know what their future holds visit fortune tellers. Fortune tellers believe they have the power to predict fate. They do this by using several different techniques, one of which is palm reading.

They strut the runway.

Considered the prettiest people in society, models are subject to tough criticism. Their bodies are often retouched in photos to appear more perfect. Models show off clothing and other products to an audience either on a runway or magazine pages. A modeling career does not require a degree and there is an expected decline in growth of this occupation.

They make menswear.

The male version of a seamstress, tailors sew clothing for males. They specialize in men's clothing, although some also tailor for women. Tailors may work for their own business or become employed by apparel companies.

They drive along a specific route daily.

A bus driver transports groups of people from one point to another. Often employed by the government in large countries, bus drivers may run a specific route. Sometimes they are hired for special trips or tours.

Books, articles and other stories are what they create.

Writers work on various products for various employers or themselves. They may write articles, newspaper clippings, books and poems. Their work is published on several platforms.

They run the office.

A secretary holds an organization together and operates on the front line of a business. They are usually the first encounter. Secretaries are responsible for making appointments, answering calls, scheduling meetings and maintaining files.

They take care of animals on display.

More or less the manager of the animals held in the captivity of a zoo, zookeepers hold degrees in animal science. Their duties include feeding and caring for the animals, cleaning of stations and monitoring animal's health. Zookeepers can earn up to $60,000 annually.

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