Quiz: Can You Guess These Hard Military Acronyms with a Hint?
Can You Guess These Hard Military Acronyms with a Hint?
By: John Miller
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In peacetime and times of war, the United States Armed Forces relies on massive manpower, big guns ... and a truly byzantine legion of acronyms. 

Everyone from high-flying pilots to generals to infantry uses a raft of esoteric alphabetical jumble to quickly communicate ideas and messages that would simply be too hard to describe in normal English. So, rather than say Commander, Air Group every time, you simply say “CAG.” Do you think you know enough about military acronyms to pass this DS (drill sergeant)-level quiz?

You probably already know that CAPT refers to “Captain” and LT is for “Lieutenant,” because they’re used in about every war movie ever made. But did you know that BDE stands for “brigade”?

These days, technology is as important as lead bullets. That’s why America stresses the importance of EW, or electronic warfare. But if all else fails, troops will rely on GBUs (guided bomb units) to destroy their enemies.

Careful with this tough military acronym quiz! If you’re not careful, you’ll be just another wounded warrior who has to be picked up at the CCP (casualty collection point). Ace this thing and use HE (high explosive) rounds to smash an enemy to smithereens!

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It’s the acronym used to denote the person who is charge.
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Which famous acronym basically means that a soldier deserted his or her post?
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This acronym is all about the law enforcement personnel on a military base.
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What acronym referring to exploding shells meant to down enemy aircraft?
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Which acronym denotes the department that’s in charge of all things military?
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In the military, and in life in general, it’s good to be able to know your time of arrival, or at be able to estimate it. Which acronym is most appropriate?
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The movie "Top Gun" was all about:
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This acronym refers to men and women who are on active duty, as opposed to being in the reserves.
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It’s a test all soldiers must pass to prove their physical fitness.
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This technology helps military units (and civilians) find their way around unfamiliar areas.
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Which acronym refers to the area which a vehicle will land?
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Which acronym denotes the U.S.’s water-based forces?
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If you’re under fire from the enemy and you need air support now, you need what?
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It’s boot camp for officers, where candidates really get schooled.
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If a soldier is killed during a conflict, he or she is _____.
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It’s the acronym that refers to the person in charge of all of America’s armed forces.
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Which common term denotes explosive devices, often roughly constructed weapons made from easy-to-find parts?
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It refers to military lawyers ... and it was also a popular TV show.
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If you get captured and imprisoned by the enemy you are _____.
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It’s a base that supports tactical operations on the front lines.
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Which famous acronym denotes soldiers who have gone missing during a battle?
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It’s better known as a "big chicken dinner," and it’s bad news for anyone looking to make career out of the military.
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If you need the help of the Marines for an amphibious assault, you can look them up with which acronym?
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Which acronym refers to a target with particularly high value?
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It’s a stipend that gives troops their family basic assistance for housing costs.
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You probably should not discharge a weapon in the _____, lest you trigger an all-out war.
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If you want an explosive weapon to light up an enemy’s day, you want a(n) _____.
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Which acronym marks one of America’s elite special forces teams?
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Airborne troops use which acronym when referring to high-altitude jumps?
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Which acronym refers to low casualty rates?
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