Quiz: Can You Guess the Show From the Pet?
Can You Guess the Show From the Pet?
By: Bambi Turner
Image: tmdb

About This Quiz

We talk to them, and they listen: our pets don’t judge us or argue. Some, like cats, play hard to get. And others, like dogs, just want to play.  Pets have become members of our family, and in the case of a TV family, their role can move the story or provide comic relief when needed. Of course, all TV pets aren’t just dogs or cats. Think monkey in “Friends” or pig in “Green Acres.” Ready to start matching the pet to their TV shows? Impress your friends with your pet savvy. 

Pets like Lassie played such an important role in the plot that the show was named after her. It’s a similar situation with "Mr. Ed" and “Wishbone.” And don’t sell these animal companions short: they can have a complex backstory. Salem Saberhagen may have looked like a simple pet cat on "Sabrina the Teenage Witch," but he was actually a witch forced to live in a cat's body after he repeatedly tried and failed to take over the world. Or Klaus, a pet goldfish belonging to the Smith family on "American Dad." In reality, he is a former Olympic skier trapped in the body of a fish thanks to the CIA. Whether the pet is a sidekick or the star of the show, take this quiz, and you’ll recall all the fun adventures they had.  

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