Quiz: Can You Guess the Movie or TV Show From the Cartoon Pet?
Can You Guess the Movie or TV Show From the Cartoon Pet?
By: Kennita Leon
Image: Cartoon Network

About This Quiz

With one look at a cartoon pet, an entire show can come to life in your mind. Just observing the distinctive artistic style that the pet is drawn makes it easy to recall it all. Just as you can tell an anime from a ‘70s style cartoon, from the detailed drawing, the changing perspective, and the vivid colors, you’ll find one image is all you need to guess the answer. Ready to test your recognition skills? Click the button now and start the quiz. 

The cartoon pet has a big role. Usually it’s the comic relief or troublemaker who moves the plot along in a TV show or movie. Think of Scooby Doo in “Scooby Doo, Where Are You!”: there were so many hauntings uncovered accidently by Scooby that it puts the rest of the gang in distress. Or the pet could be like the snail, Gary, in "SpongeBob SquarePants" where a sly look or roll of the eyes can say so much, no words needed! And then there are pets that break the mold, like Brian Griffin, a sarcastic, smoking, alcohol-consuming dog, who has the ability to speak in “Family Guy.” Whether it’s a Disney production, a Claymation TV show, or a European comic, cartoon pets say it all in style and character. Are you chomping at the bit to start? Try your hand at recognizing these cartoon pets from the images by clicking the button below.

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