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These Major League Baseball players knew how to hit home runs, steal bases, throw pitches, and rack up other statistics during their careers. How much do you know about them, though? 

Over time, baseball has gone from a game of star players to a game of numbers. In today's game, every Major League team uses some form of sabermetrics, which involves a statistical analysis of individual players. These players are defined more by their numbers than by their heroic efforts on the field. The most efficient players make rosters going into the baseball season. 

Would you make a good general manager when it comes to deciding who makes your team? Are you someone who can remember the statistics from all the great baseball players throughout history? Some of these players were good on offense. Some of them were good on defense, and then, some could do just about anything. 

Here's a quiz where you can test your sabermetric knowledge and see if you'd make a good general manager for an all-time great baseball team. You'll find all of your favorite players in here, or at least the ones who put up big numbers. Take this quiz and test your knowledge of Major League Baseball players and their statistics! 

This player has 1,406 stolen bases, the most by any player.

Rickey Henderson won two World Series with two different teams. His first came in 1989 with the Oakland Athletics, and his second in 1993 with the Toronto Blue Jays.


This player has the second-most stolen bases all-time with 938.

Lou Brock played 19 seasons in Major League Baseball. His primary position was left fielder.


This 14-time all-star for the Yankees has the most stolen bases in the team's history with 358.

Derek Jeter spent his entire playing career with the New York Yankees. Because of his leadership and play, Jeter's #2 was retired in 2017.


This player is third all-time for home runs in a career with 714.

After winning three World Series with the Red Sox, Babe Ruth was traded to the Yankees in 1919. The Red Sox would not win another World Series until 2004.


After playing 21 seasons, this heavy hitter is second all-time in home runs with 755.

Hank Aaron spent most of his career with the Braves. He started with the team while they were located in Milwaukee, then followed them to Atlanta.


This MLB star has the most home runs all-time with 762.

Barry Bonds' record is controversial among baseball critics because of his connection to steroid use. This has also kept him out of the Hall of Fame.


This player has the most runs scored in MLB history with 2,295.

Henderson was named the AL MVP during the 1989 season. He also won the Gold Glove Award in 1981, showing he was one of the most well-rounded baseball players of all time.


This player is second all-time for runs scored with 2,245.

Ty Cobb played 23 seasons in Major League Baseball, setting records across the board during his career. Many of those records would be broken by future generations.


During the 1961 season, this player hit the most home runs in a single season for the New York Yankees with 61.

Roger Maris broke Babe Ruth's record of 60 home runs in 1961. However, it took Maris eight more games to accomplish it, leaving many to believe the new record was not legitimate.


This pitcher holds the record for most strikeouts with 5,714.

Nolan Ryan struck out Rickey Henderson to get 5,000 strikeouts for his career. No other pitcher has ever reached 5,000 strikeouts.


This hitter holds the record for RBIs in a single season with 191.

Hack Wilson competed with Babe Ruth for the greatest hitter of their time. However, Wilson was only 5 feet, 6 inches" while Ruth was 6 feet, 2 inches.


Playing from 1899 until 1917, this player still holds the record for most triples with 309.

Sam Crawford was one of the earliest stars of Major League Baseball. He was a two-time home run leader in 1901 and 1908.


This pitcher threw 20 strikeouts in two different games, tying him with two other players for first all-time.

Roger Clemens was a two-time World Series champion. He won both titles with the New York Yankees.


This pitcher has seven no-hitters, which is nearly double the next closest player.

Nolan Ryan threw one of the fastest balls in Major League Baseball. This was one reason his career lasted 27 season.


This former pitcher has 652 saves, a record for Major League Baseball.

Mariano Rivera was a relief pitcher for the New York Yankees from 1995 until 2013. He was named the World Series MVP in 1999.


This player set a nearly unbeatable record with 4,256 hits in his career.

Pete Rose made 17 All-Star appearances during his career. The most amazing thing about this accomplishment is that he did it at five different positions.


This player had 36 triples in a single season, the most all-time.

Chief Wilson began his MLB career in 1908 but played only for nine seasons. During that short career, he managed to win a World Series in 1909.


In 1999, this player hit two grand slams in a single inning, the only player to do this.

Tatis accomplished this while playing against the Los Angeles Dodgers. His team won the game 12-5.


This former Yankees' star had a .404 batting average on his way to a 56-game hitting streak.

Joe DiMaggio was a three-time AL MVP. He won the award in 1939, 1941, and 1947.


This player has the highest on-base percentage for a career with 0.482.

Ted Williams' career was interrupted twice when he was called to join in both World War II and the Korean War. He still had one of the most successful careers in baseball history.


This pitcher has the most career wins with 511.

Cy Young played for five different teams from 1890 until 1911. One of his greatest accomplishments was winning a Triple Crown in 1901.


This pitcher has the most career wins in the live-ball era with 363.

Warren Spahn won the Cy Young award in 1957. That same year, he won a World Series with the Milwaukee Braves.


This player had 10 consecutive seasons with at least 200 hits.

Ichiro Suzuki played his first nine seasons in the Nippon Professional Baseball league in Japan. He accomplished his 10 consecutive 200-hit seasons with the Seattle Mariners.


This hitter has the highest batting average in Major League Baseball history with .367.

Ty Cobb was known for his fiery demeanor on the field. However, this led to him being portrayed as a hateful man by many of his biographers.


This batter has the second-highest batting average in Major League Baseball history with .358.

Rogers Hornsby was the NL MVP in both 1925 and 1929. He also won the Triple Crown in 1925.


This player hit 792 doubles during his career, the most all-time.

Tris Speaker, who played from 1907 until 1928, was known as "The Golden Eagle." His play on the field made him statistically one of the greatest baseball players of all-time.


This player has the second-most doubles all-time with 746.

Rose served as a manager after his playing career was over. However, he was suspended from Major League Baseball for life in 1989 after it was discovered he gambled on games during his career.


This batter has the most strikeouts all-time with 2,597.

Reggie Jackson was one of the greatest players in baseball and was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1993. Despite a successful career, he still had the most strikeouts by a batter.


With 2,548 strikeouts, this batter is second all-time.

To strike out that many times, a player has to have a long career in Major League Baseball. Jim Thome played 22 seasons, which means he was kept around for a reason.


This pitcher allowed the most home runs in a career with 522.

Jamie Moyer also had 2,441 strikeouts over his 25-year career. He played the longest stint of that career with the Seattle Mariners.


This 19th century Major League player had 343 wild pitches, the most all-time.

Tony Mullane played Major League Baseball from 1881 until 1894. He was well-known for pitching both left-handed and right-handed​, which didn't always work out for him.


This pitcher has the second-most wild pitches all-time with 277.

Nolan Ryan made eight All-Star appearances during his career. He was also elected to the MLB Hall of Fame in 1999.


This pitcher has the most career shutouts with 110.

Walter Johnson spent his entire playing career with the Washington Senators. During his time in Washington, Johnson won two AL MVP awards and three Triple Crowns.


This player has the second-most career shutouts with 90.

Grover Alexander won the World Series in 1926 while playing for the Cardinals. His team defeated Babe Ruth and the Yankees four games to three.


This batter has the highest career slugging percentage at .6897.

Babe Ruth helped popularize the sport of baseball, especially during the 1920s. Fans loved his ability to hit a home run in any given game.


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