Quiz: Can You Guess the Fast Food Restaurant From a Hint?
Can You Guess the Fast Food Restaurant From a Hint?
By: Kennita Leon
Image: Corey Coyle via Wiki Commons

About This Quiz

Fast-food restaurants seem like a godsend, especially in an age where humans are in such a rush. The food they serve us takes no time to cook and tastes amazing, even if they aren't necessarily the healthiest choices. But they look and taste great, and that's all that really matters. And since the fast-food wave hit decades ago, numerous companies, now chains, have tried to make a buck from our love of these oily, salty and greasy foods. 

We know you know about the Whopper, McDonald's and their fries, Popeye's and their wonderful biscuits and Dairy Queen's soft serve, but what do you actually know about the companies? You see, it's hard to zoom out a bit when we're so focused on one thing, whether it be a side of honey mustard wings or a gourmet burger—but we want you to try to remember all the things you've seen or heard about the most popular fast-food restaurants in America, so that you can ace this quiz. 

Allow us to test your fast-food-restaurant knowledge by giving you one hint. It'll be up to you to match the clue to the restaurant it's describing. Got it? Then let's get started!

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