Quiz: Can You Guess the Baseball Player From the Actor Who Played Him?
Can You Guess the Baseball Player From the Actor Who Played Him?
By: Robin Tyler
Image: Mirage Enterprises/The Mount Company/Gordon Company

About This Quiz

Baseball movies are a lot of fun, aren't they?

And Hollywood doesn't steer clear of a good baseball movie, especially in the 1980's and '90s, when it seemed that every second movie was about America's favorite pastime.

Movies like "Bull Durham," "A League of Their Own," "Field of Dreams," "Major League" (I and II), "Out Men Out" and "The Rookie" were all about baseball, yet they were very different. 

While some movies, especially fictional ones, focus on baseball itself, some films have focused on historical baseball stories. Either the life of a famous baseballer (like the "Pride of the Yankees" or "I See the Crowd Roar") or a scandal about the 1919 World series fixing, like in the case of "Eight Men Out." 

But to tell these stories, we need the actors to immerse themselves in roles. And some actors have appeared in more than one baseball movie - we're looking at you, Charlie Sheen and Kevin Costner.

Now the question is, could you tell a baseballer player character from the actor who played them? This is a tough one and remember, they can be real or fictional!

Let's see how you perform, ok?

Batter up!

Aim for the bleachers!


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