Quiz: Can you guess more than 11 of these professional golfers?
Can you guess more than 11 of these professional golfers?
By: Gene' Hunter
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Before Tiger Woods became a household name, there was Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus but a real golf fan would know that. This quiz is all about the pro players that achieved fame for their magnificent golf swings. But it's not limited to the US, we've got notable players from Canada and South Africa so make sure your knowledge extends beyond America. 

Golf really began to rise in popularity in the '80s just as people were starting to watch TV broadcasts of the game. Golfers like Arnold Palmer became famous partly because of their booming careers and avid TV watchers who were devoted to tuning into the games. Let's also not forget the rise of female golf players who've proven their skills in a sport dominated by men for many years. Today's pro players like Tiger and Annika Sorenstam continue to keep people's attention on one of the most popular sports of the last century. 

Do you know the famous nicknames of some of the players? Do you know who has won the most championships? Do you know Tiger Woods' birth name?  You'll discover the answers to these questions and after you take this quiz! 

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In 1913, amateur golfer Francis Ouimet won the U.S. Open during the playoffs, which British golfer(s) did he defeat?
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What was Gene Sarazen's nickname?
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Who was the first golfer since Jack Nicklaus to win eight PGA events his first six years on tour?
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This golfer attended Stanford college, who is he?
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This golfer won the 1958 Masters, 1960 U.S. Open, and 1962 British Open
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This South African golfer played his first British Open in 1936 then served in the air force before returning to palm in the tournament two years in a row.
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This golfer won the 1946 British Open, 1949 Masters, and 1951 PGA
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This golfer won the 1934 Masters and the 1936 Masters, who is he?
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This golfer won the 1997 Masters, 2000 PGA, and 2005 British Open, who is he?
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He is the son of a 1948 Masters Champion. He played on the PGA Tour from 1969 to 1971, with one victory, the 1971 Broome County Open. He has a golf school in Las Vegas, Nevada.
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This golfer won the 1994 U.S. Open, 2002 British Open, and 2012 British Open
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This golfer won the 2012 Masters and 2014 Masters, who is he?
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What golfer, who won the 1995 US Open, has the nickname "Bulldog?"
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This famous golfer was known as Tiger
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This golfer is known as the "Golden Bear"
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This Japanese golfer is the only golfer to have won events on the PGA tour, Senior Tour, Japanese, and Australian Tours
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Which golfer won 9 tournaments during her rookie year in the 1978 LPGA Tour?
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What golfer had played 87 straight Grand Slam tournaments until a shoulder injury forced him to miss the 1996 British Open?
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In 2004, who became the oldest golfer to win PGA Tour Rookie of the Year?
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This golfer was the first to reach one million dollars in career earnings on the PGA Tour?
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What golfer set a PGA Tour record in 1945 by winning 18 tournaments?
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What golfer replaced Tiger Woods at the top of the Official World Golf Rankings in 2004?
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This player was known as "The Black Knight"
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What famous Canadian golfer is also known by the nickname "Disco Dick"?
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This South African golfer's career started when he was eighteen years old. In 1971 he won the Spanish Open, the World Cup three years later and the Spanish Open in 1979.
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Which of the following golfers is known by the nickname 'The Wild Thing'?
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This professional golfer is known as "Fuzzy"
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Turning pro in 1969, this South African golfer from Mafikeng won the German Open seven years later. He won five titles between 1993 and 1995, among it the US Senior Open in 1994.
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This professional golfer became the first Canadian to win on the PGA Tour. Who was this Toronto native that won the Mayfair Open in 1955?
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Which left-handed Canadian won the Masters in 2003?
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Which golfer had the nickname 'The Silver Scot'?
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Who was the 2001 US Ryder Cup captain?
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Hailing from Kelowna, B.C., this Canadian turned pro in 1974 and managed two PGA Tour wins.
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What South African golfer is known by the nickname "The Iceman?"
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Which famous golfer won his first career PGA Tour title event on Canadian soil?
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Which of these great Japanese golfers was referred to as 'Jumbo'?
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Which golfer said "Hold up a one iron and walk. Not even God can hit a one iron."?
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Which legendary American golfer has been called "The Hawk?"
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This golf legend is known simply as "The King"
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