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As the opening narration of his 2007 film goes, "You measure yourself by the people who measure themselves by you." If Morgan Freeman is our yardstick for meaningful success, then that's one great career for measurement!

We all know Freeman as that tall, unassuming and kind-looking man who still looks dignified no matter the role. He started out his movie career back in the '60s and, after almost five decades, it's still going strong. But before achieving commercial cinema success, he appeared in theatrical productions and television. Kids who grew up watching "The Electric Company" will remember him as the Easy Reader. Onstage, he played familiar Shakespearean characters in productions of "Coriolanus," "The Taming of the Shrew" and "Julius Caesar." He also appeared with the legendary Cab Calloway in an African American cast production of "Hello, Dolly!"

His deep godlike voice also helps a lot in his overall characterization. When documentary filmmakers thought of the term "voice of God narration," they might have had Morgan Freeman in mind for that, or at least a premonition of him doing Godly V.O. work! He actively does that now, too, for documentary TV shows such as National Geographic's "The Story of God with Morgan Freeman."

With so many great movies and memorable film roles, we're sure you can recognize these scenes from his filmography. To use another movie quote of his: "There are no perfect men; only perfect intentions." So intend to perfect this quiz, OK? Have fun!

This is where Bruce Wayne asks his character: "Does it come in black?" Can you guess the film?

Wayne Enterprises won't be the same without Lucius Fox who's in charge of research and development then later gets promoted to CEO by Bruce himself in "Batman Begins." Morgan Freeman played Fox opposite Christian Bale's Bruce Wayne-Batman character here. Christopher Nolan directed them both.


He's the only one who can convincingly play God. Where did he portray that role?

When he speaks, Morgan Freeman sounds like he's God. So what better way to prove that he can play God, too, than by playing Him in "Bruce Almighty." He even reprised that role in the spinoff/sequel "Evan Almighty," but Jim Carrey wasn't here anymore.


Even as a longtime prisoner, he still looked respectable in this film. Do you know this one?

Playing a prisoner who smuggles in contraband stuff in "The Shawshank Redemption" still suited Freeman. He appeared respectable enough for other prisoners to deal with him in this 1994 prison drama based on a Stephen King novella.


Brad Pitt and Gwyneth Paltrow co-starred with him in which film?

The numeral mentioned here in "Seven" refers to the seven deadly sins which a serial killer uses as his murder themes. Morgan Freeman played a detective about to retire when a younger detective, played by Pitt, solicited his help to catch this killer.


Freeman got nominated for an Oscar in which one of these titles?

The 1989 film "Driving Miss Daisy" won the Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay because the original material came from a play by Alfred Uhry. Freeman played the same Hoke Coleburn character in the film and in the play's 1987 off-Broadway production.


He was a shoo-in to play Nelson Mandela in which film?

"Invictus" is a 2009 biopic that intersected Nelson Mandela's reign as the president of South Africa with the 1995 Rugby World Cup event hosted by his country. Clint Eastwood directed this one while Matt Damon played the South African rugby captain.


Buddy films are his thing, too! What's this one called?

"The Bucket List" is a buddy film since Morgan Freeman teamed up with Jack Nicholson, where they played terminally ill old men. It's also a road trip film of sorts since the two men embark on a journey to tick off things they want to do before kicking the bucket.


Fellow actor Clint Eastwood directed him in which western?

Morgan Freeman and Clint Eastwood worked together in many projects where the former was acting and the latter was directing. But in some instances, they both shared screen time. One such film is the 1992 award-winning western "Unforgiven."


Kevin Costner was with him in which costume flick?

Morgan Freeman played Azeem, whom Robin of Locksley rescued while in Jerusalem in the 1991 film "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves." Sean Connery played King Richard the Lionheart here while Alan Rickman played the Sheriff of Nottingham.


His character was the only one who can help Scarlett Johansson's in which sci-fi story?

Freeman played the scientist-professor who has researched how humans can have or develop special cognitive abilities. This is the info needed by Scarlett's titular character "Lucy." The provocative sci-fi film came from the equally innovative mind of French writer-director Luc Besson.


Forensic psychologist roles suit him well, too, like in this thriller. Know the title?

Crime thriller writer James Patterson's novels also got turned into movies; one of them is the successful title "Kiss the Girls." Freeman brings the novel character Alex Cross to life while Ashley Judd co-stars as the doctor abducted by a serial killer-kidnapper.


This boxing film had him on the sidelines, but it's still a relevant role. Can you guess the title?

Freeman narrates "Million Dollar Baby" as Scrap-Iron Dupris, the friend and manager overseeing a rickety boxing gym owned by has-been fighter Frankie Dunn. Clint Eastwood starred as Dunn while directing this film. Hilary Swank co-starred as the young boxer here; she won an Oscar for this role.


Bruce Willis played a retired CIA agent here while Morgan Freeman played this agent's mentor. What's the title?

"RED" means "retired, extremely dangerous" and this is the last thing you'd think about when you see former secret agents together for a new hit job. Willis leads them out of retirement, including his CIA mentor played by Freeman. Helen Mirren and John Malkovich complete the cast of retirees.


Historical dramas are also his thing, like which Civil War-set film?

The 1989 historical drama "Glory" came from real-life stories about a Union Army unit whose soldiers were all African Americans. Part of that group was Pvt. Silas Trip portrayed by Denzel Washington and Sgt. Major John Rawlins played by Freeman. Matthew Broderick played officer Col. Robert Gould.


U.S. president is also in his résumé — for a '90s film role. Can you identify which one?

Two films with similar themes premiered back in 1998: "Armageddon" and "Deep Impact" where Morgan Freeman appeared as the U.S. president. While the former talked of an asteroid about to hit the earth, the latter's plot was about a comet hitting the planet, too.


Is there such a thing as an investigative magician? He makes that possible in which film?

The French director of two "Transporter" films, Louis Leterrier, uses the same fast-paced storytelling style in "Now You See Me." It's an appropriate style because the film is about modern-day magicians-illusionists who pull off bank heists. Freeman played an ex-magician investigating the heisters.


As Angelina Jolie and James McAvoy did their action scenes here, Morgan Freeman provided the mentoring. Do you know it?

Jolie and McAvoy's assassin characters in "Wanted" demonstrated a special way of bending a bullet's trajectory as it gets fired. Freeman played the leader of this secret assassin group to which Jolie's character belongs.


High school principal is also in his list of roles, thanks to which 1989 film?

The 1989 film "Lean on Me" showed the biopic storytelling trope of "the strict teacher who disciplines students for a better life" much like what "Stand and Deliver" did in 1988. While the latter discussed problems with underperforming Hispanic kids, this one was about African American kids.


Politician roles suit him well, like being U.S. speaker of the House in which film?

Aaron Eckhart played the U.S. president in "Olympus Has Fallen" while Morgan played the U.S. congressman Allan Trumbull who's also speaker of the House. The film was about how North Korean terrorists attacked the White House, which the Secret Service calls Olympus as a code.


He's credible enough to play the CIA director in which Tom Clancy material?

The Jack Ryan film storylines popularized earlier by Alec Baldwin and Harrison Ford got a 2002 reboot with Ben Affleck taking over that agent role in "The Sum of All Fears." Freeman played CIA Director William Cabot, who solicits Ryan's help to track down neo-Nazi terrorists.


Tom Cruise was the lead here but Morgan Freeman bossed him a bit. What's this film?

Freeman played Malcolm Beech, a leader of the human resistance in the dystopian film "Oblivion." Tom Cruise played an unsuspecting astronaut commander who got cloned and became earth's attacker.


Steven Spielberg directed him and a boatload of great actors in which film?

"Amistad" told the true account of captured people from Sierra Leone being transported for the slave trade when they had an uprising and overpowered their ship's officers. "12 Years a Slave" star Chiwetel Ejiofor also appeared here alongside Freeman and "Blood Diamond" star Djimon Hounsou.


Before playing Bridget Jones, Renée Zellweger acted with Freeman in which black comedy?

When you put Freeman and Chris Rock in hitmen roles, you're certain to produce comedy gold in there. Add to that Renée Zellweger, who played a big soap opera fan, and you'll get the dark comedy plot of "Nurse Betty."


Freeman also worked with martial arts-trained actors like in this film. Which one is it?

Chinese martial artist turned actor Jet Li starred in "Unleashed" about how a loan shark treats his assistant character, Danny, like a trained mad dog killer. Morgan played the role of Sam here, a blind pianist who was nice enough to treat Danny kindly.


Keanu Reeves' excellent journey in this film included Freeman for the ride. Do you know it?

Before Reeves and Rachel Weisz got together for "Constantine," they were first in the 1996 sci-fi film "Chain Reaction." Freeman played a scientist-leader again here, this time of a laboratory project where Reeves' character gets framed for bombing the lab.


You can't go wrong with a Morgan Freeman film that also has Robert De Niro and involves a bachelor party. Know this one?

Childhood friends turned older buddies reunited once more during their senior citizen years for a possible "last" Las Vegas trip, hence the title "Last Vegas." Based on its high box office performance, audiences seem to support Hollywood films featuring older actors like this 2013 comedy.


His character got mauled by a bear here! What's this drama?

Freeman played a rancher in "An Unfinished Life" who got attacked by a bear, leaving him disabled. He lives with his fellow rancher friend played by Robert Redford in this Lasse Hallström drama. Jennifer Lopez co-starred as Redford's daughter-in-law.


The characters of Morgan Freeman and Dustin Hoffman tried to figure out a medical disaster in which thriller?

Hoffman and Freeman played military medical doctors tasked to contain a dangerous virus in "Outbreak." The film also co-starred Rene Russo, Kevin Spacey and Cuba Gooding Jr. The virus featured here was parallel to the real-life ongoing Ebola outbreak in 1995, the same year the film premiered.


Freeman played another mentor role, yet again, in which Johnny Depp film?

Freeman's character served as the scientist-mentor of Depp's and Rebecca Hall's scientist characters in "Transcendence." The two played the husband and wife tandem researching artificial intelligence and the process of transferring a human's consciousness into computer technology.


He and Robin Wright played literary characters in which period drama?

Author Daniel Defoe's famous 1722 novel "Moll Flanders" got a movie adaptation back in 1996. Freeman played the aristocratic nobleman named Hibble while Wright took on the titular character. Stockard Channing co-starred with them here as Mrs. Allworthy.


Diane Keaton played his wife in this senior citizen drama. Know what it is?

The 2014 film "5 Flights Up" contains a very simple story if you analyze it further, but its success lies at the sincerity conveyed by the characters. It's about an elderly couple named Ruth and Alex who are looking for a new place to live while dealing with domestic issues.


Ashley Judd didn't come back here with Morgan Freeman in this 2001 sequel of their 1997 film. What's the film?

Freeman revives Tom Clancy's Alex Cross character in 2001's "Along Came a Spider" and its story is a direct sequel to "Kiss the Girls." But for casting, Freeman teamed up again with Judd in the 2002 film "High Crimes" also adapted from another thriller novel, this time by Joseph Finder.


Freeman is in this anthropomorphic sequel but wasn't in the original. Do you know the film?

The talking teddy bear comes back for his sequel in "Ted 2" still with Mark Wahlberg as his companion-friend and beer drinking buddy. This time, Freeman and "Mad Men" co-star John Slattery join the cast for more laughs.


He appeared in which aquatic adventure film and in its animalistic sequel?

Morgan Freeman and Ashley Judd appear together in yet another film called "Dolphin Tale." Judd played the mother of the kid who discovers the injured dolphin while Freeman played the doctor who creates a prosthetic tail for the amputated animal.


In which sequel film does he get promoted to the U.S. vice president?

Following the events of 2013's "Olympus Has Fallen," the 2016 sequel "London Has Fallen" still featured Aaron Eckhart as the U.S. president. He travels to the U.K. for state duties when terrorists attack them anew there. Freeman, who now plays U.S. Vice President Allan Trumbull, tries to help.


This sword-and-sandal remake also included him in the cast. Can you pick it out from the list?

In the 2016 "Ben-Hur" reboot, Freeman played the sheik who mentors, yet again, the titular underdog hero in the dangerous art of chariot racing. The 1959 film version had Hugh Griffith play the same role while Charlton Heston played Ben-Hur.


Freeman played The Boss character here like a boss. What's the title?

Before working on 2010's "RED," Morgan Freeman and Bruce Willis teamed up in the action thriller "Lucky Number Slevin" back in 2006. Josh Hartnett, Lucy Liu, Stanley Tucci and Ben Kingsley complete the cast.


His police character here is at loggerheads with Mickey Rourke's titular character. Do you know it?

Freeman played a stern police officer who doubts an ex-convict's reformed ways in "Johnny Handsome." Rourke played the titular character of the ex-con who underwent experimental plastic surgery before being released from prison.


Ben Affleck made his debut as a feature film director calling the shots for Freeman in which film?

Ben Affleck directs his brother Casey Affleck in the lead with supporting cast Morgan Freeman in the 2007 film "Gone Baby Gone." It's a movie adaptation of the 1998 Dennis Lehane novel about two private investigators based in the Boston area.


Yes, there's a film where Morgan Freeman plays Morgan Freeman! Can you guess which one?

Freeman saw the future of digital movie downloads back in 2005, so he founded a company serving this purpose. When he made a small independent film entitled "10 Items or Less," they released the film for downloading while it was still showing in theaters. Spanish actress Paz Vega co-starred here.


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