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About This Quiz

You are probably already the master of an advanced vocabulary. But this quiz will challenge you to push your vocabulary limits. You'll also need to apply your deductive skills to select the correct answer to the multiple-choice options. 

To make this quiz as relevant as possible, we've culled through everyday language and business writings to find those vocabulary words that give most people reason to hesitate before using. The precision in the language around that particular word is oftentimes "fuzzy." In those instances, context alone may not be enough to discern the exact definition unless the word has been researched, including the word's alternate meanings as a noun or adjective. 

Those are the words on which you'll be quizzed. They look easy enough, words like. "novelty," "earnest" and "ventured," but when isolated from the sentence, it can be more difficult to recall their exact definition. But you'll do well. In fact, we wouldn't be surprised if you got a perfect score. But if not, you won't be disappointed, as you will have increased your knowledge and expanded your vocabulary. It's a win-win situation. 

Go on, take the quiz now. You have nothing to deplete and everything to accumulate. 

What comes to mind when you hear the word "apparent"?

It's clearly revealed to the mind or the senses. For example: The creak in the floorboards became more apparent as the house aged.


What does "appoint" mean?

It can be confusing when a word can mean two totally different things. In this case, you appoint someone to a certain position, you assign him or her specific duties and obligations. To appoint a room means to furnish it with equipment, furniture or other items.


How would you define "earnest"?

When you are earnest, or serious about something, you have a firm belief in your opinion. You are very sincere when you speak about it.


“We _________into the mysterious world of high-tech and bought a supercomputer.” What is the correct word with which to fill in the blank?

Use the word "venture" to describe an undertaking, especially one with an uncertain outcome.


He was able to _______ his criticism with humor so it wouldn't be as hurtful.

Although "temper" has quite a few definitions, in this statement, it means to mollify, diffuse or weaken.


What is a "novelty"?

A novelty is something that has not been experienced before, so it is new and interesting whether it is an idea or a trinket.


When used as an adjective, how would you define "bent"?

When used as a noun, bent would mean talent. "He has a real bent for woodworking." But when used as an adjective, bent means you are resolute on completing an action.


What is the meaning of "undertake"?

Undertake conveys a level of commitment and involvement to a person, mission or challenge.


Which of these means to stand up for what you believe in?

You might assert an opinion, your innocence, or even your authority over someone else. It means to stand up for what you believe in.


What is an enclosed space, where a specific event usually takes place?

A chamber is an enclosed space, often where a specific event usually takes place, such as a sleeping chamber or a torture chamber.


What is the opposite of arrogant or prideful?

Humble can be described as meekness or modesty. It is the opposite of arrogant or prideful.


What is an elaborate plan?

A scheme is an elaborate plan or series of steps to be carried out to complete a goal.


What is the figurative (not literal) definition of "tide"?

In a figurative sense, tide can mean a rising swell of support or unified feeling about a certain opinion or topic. If there is a wave of anything — immigration, inflation, terror — it can be referred to as a tide.


How would you define "justify"?

To justify is to give a reason, excuse, or proof to take an action.


What does "intimate" mean?

Besides the above, intimate can be used in terms of friends and families, that is, people with whom you are familiar. As a noun,​ it means someone to whom private matters are confided.


What word means "worthiness or excellence"?

Merit means any admirable or beneficial attribute. Here is an example: “This lawsuit is without merit, thus we’ve filed a motion to dismiss these claims of fraud."


How would you define "resource"?

A resource is a new or reserve supply that can be drawn upon when needed.


Which of these defines the word "contempt"?

Contempt is lack of respect accompanied by a feeling of intense dislike. It is also willful disobedience and disrespect for authority.


How would you describe "distinction"?

Distinction is the ability to discriminate between different things as well as high status importance due to superior quality.


Under what circumstance would you use the word "circumstance"?

You can be a victim of circumstances, or your circumstances could have become dire due to the stock market crashing, for example.


What word would you use to convey "represent"?

To constitute is to make up a whole from smaller parts. Parents, kids, pets, and other family members constitute most people's idea of a family.


What word would you use to convey "cause to become"?

An illness might render you unable to walk, or a shocking sight might render you speechless.


We hope you don't dwell on this one. What does "dwell" mean?

To dwell in a home is to live in it. But dwell is also used when describing the action of thinking or speaking about something at great length.


What does "attitude" mean?

It is a complex mental state that involves beliefs and feelings. However, it's easier to describe an attitude as somewhere between a belief, a stance, a mood, and a pose.


You are compelled to choose the correct answer. What does "compelled" mean?

Compel is to force somebody to do something or exact an action. For example, the water shortage compelled us to stop taking long showers.


What is another way to say "continue to exist"?

When someone persists, they keep going or continue to hang on. Other words that mean the same thing are "endure," "follow through," and "persevere."


What word means the same as the phrase, "to die slowly"?

Perish means to die, but it suggests a slow, gradual, nonviolent death. Starving to death is a way in which a person could perish.


What does "provoke" mean?

Here is an example using provoke: The seizure of the entire print run of the newspaper was meant to enrage and provoke the college students.


What does "derived" mean?

It's best to use derived when you can still see the parts of the original in something. Here is an example: Some people believe baseball was derived from the game of cricket.


"Why would you _____anyone with that kind of guilt?" What is the correct word to fill in the blank?

Afflict means to cause physical pain, suffering, great unhappiness and distress. It's something you would not want to do to anyone.


"If you nod your head in ______, you agree to something." What is the correct word to fill in the blank?

Assent means to agree with a statement or proposal to do something. Alternative words that mean the same thing are accede and​ acquiesce.


As a verb, what does "wax" mean?

Here is an example: Popularity of tattoos​ have waxed and waned throughout the years. Right now, with all the "Ink" TV shows, their popularity is very high.


Whom might a teenager venerate?

To venerate is to worship, adore, or be in awe of someone or something. A religious icon could be venerated as well as a scholar.


"That chocolate cake was sublime." How was it?

Sublime is an adjective meaning awe-inspiring, grand, excellent, or impressive. In other words, no other chocolate cake will be as deliciously satisfying.


What word describes the use of physical or mental energy, or hard work?

We hope taking this quiz wasn't too much exertion for you. Alternate words that mean the same thing as exertion are "effort," "elbow grease," "sweat," and "travail."


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