Quiz: Can You Finish These Tongue Twisters?
Can You Finish These Tongue Twisters?
By: Heather Cahill
Image: Nazar Abbas Photography/Moment/GettyImages

About This Quiz

You're bound to get tongue tied with this quiz! You've heard about the seashells and you've heard about the ice cream, but there are so many more where that came from. One trick to getting them right is to take it slow, then gradually speed up while saying them. You know what they say, practice makes perfect! You'll have to prove that you can handle the trickiness of these tongue twisters in this quiz.

Tongue twisters have been used to help pronunciation and articulation. While they're often used as just fun rhymes that can challenge you, a lot can be learned from them as well. There's probably many that you have heard, but we're willing to bet there are some that you haven't! This quiz is really going to test your memory as well. You might not have heard some of these in a long time, if ever.

Do you think you can remember these famous tongue twisters? If you can prove it, just think of all the bragging rights you will have with your friends! So, if you think you're an expert at the articulation of your words and you're up for a challenge, take the quiz to see your score!

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