Can You Finish These Common Sports-Related Sayings?

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Under the gun, over the hurdle and in the home stretch. These are all examples of sports-related sayings we apply off the field. Can you finish each of these?

Argue the ____.

Either "toss" or "call" may be used here. This phrase means that you don't accept the decision of the official.

Armchair ___________.

The expression is "armchair quarterback." An armchair quarterback is someone who critiques other players but does not appear to have any real skill himself.

The ____ is in your court.

The phrase is "The ball is in your court." This means that it's your turn.

Batting a ________.

The expression is "batting a thousand." It means you are error-free.

Out in ____ field.

The phrase is "out in left field." This means that you're acting, doing or saying something crazy.

Beat them at their own ____.

The phrase is "Beat them at their own game." This means that you adopt the tactics of your enemy in order to win.

Beat him to the _____.

The phrase is "Beat him to the punch." This means that you acted before the other person.

Below ___.

The expression is "below par." This phrase is used to describe something that is below standard.

Below the ____.

The expression is "below the belt." This means that something is done unfairly or unexpectedly (in a bad way).

Big ______.

The phrase is "big hitter" or "heavy hitter." This expression is used to refer to an important person.


In sports, to get blindsided is to get hit without seeing it coming. Using this as a metaphor, it means that something happened unexpectedly.

Blow by ____.

The phrase is "blow by blow." This phrase means that something is described in detail, step by step.

Can't get to _____ base.

The phrase is "can't get to first base." This means that you're having a hard time getting started with something.

Cover all your _____.

The expression is "Cover all your bases." This means that you are thinking of every possible scenario.

Curve ____.

The phrase is "curve ball." This is something unexpected.

In a ____ heat.

The expression is "dead heat." This means that something is an exact tie.

Down for the _____.

A boxer who is "down for the count" is nearly out of the match. This expression is used to indicate that someone is losing, but not quite out.

Drop the ____.

The phrase is "drop the ball." This means that the person has not lived up to his her responsibilities.

Fall at the first _____.

The expression is "fall at the first fence." This means to fail early on. The phrase is also sometimes said as "fall at the first hurdle."

At a fever _____.

The phrase is "at a fever pitch." This means that something has become a flurry of activity.

Fighting ______.

The expression is "fighting chance." It means that you have a reasonable chance of success.

First out of the ____.

The phrase is "first out of the gate." This means that you are the first to get started doing something.

Football's a game of two ______.

The phrase is "football's a game of two halves." This means that fortunes may change.

Foul ____.

The expression is "foul play." This means that a crime has taken place.

Get the ____ rolling.

The expression is to "get the ball rolling." This means to get something started.

Come to _____.

The expression is "come to grips." This means to accept something and deal with it.

Went down without a _____.

The expression is "went down without a fight." It means that someone didn't even try.

Go the ________.

The phrase is "go the distance." It means to see something through to the finish.

Go to ___ for.

The phrase is "go to bat for." It means to stick up for someone.

Hail Mary ____.

In football, a Hail Mary pass is the last pass of a game in a usually futile attempt to score points. This phrase is also used off the field to indicate that someone has done something desperate at the last minute. How exciting is it when a Hail Mary pass is successful?

Have someone in your ______.

This may also be said as "have someone in your court." This means that you have someone on your side.

Hit the _____eye.

The expression is to "hit the bullseye." This means to hit the mark that you were aiming for.

Home _______.

The phrase is "home stretch." This is the last part of a journey, nearing the finish line.

In the ________.

The expression is "in the ballpark." This means within a reasonable estimate.

Jump the ___.

The expression is "jump the gun." This typically means to assume too quickly or incorrectly.

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