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Hermione Granger was the hardest-working student at Hogwarts, but she was also full of sass and wit -- which led to some pretty memorable quotes from this young witch! Take our quiz to see how many you can remember.

"Books! And cleverness! There are more important things..."

Hermione prided herself on her commitment to her education, but she also knew what was really important in life -- her friends. This quote comes from the very first film in the series, when Harry heads off alone to face Quirrell and Voldemort.


"Honestly, am I the only one who's ever bothered to read.."

"Hogwarts, A History" just might be one of the most useful books in the wizarding world. Somehow, the book always seems to contain just the information Hermione needs to save the day. Too bad Ron and Harry won't bother to read it.


"We could all have been killed, or worse..."

If you're super student Hermione, there's nothing worse then being kicked out of school -- even death.


"Just because it's taken you three years to notice, Ron, doesn't mean that no one else has spotted..."

It's hard to believe that -- spoiler alert -- Ron and Hermione end up together after the amount of time they spend arguing while at Hogwarts. By the time the Yule Ball rolls around in the fourth book in the series, Ron is just starting to figure out that Hermione could be a potential date to the dance.


"Just because you have the emotional range of ... doesn't mean we all have!"

This quote comes from "Order of the Phoenix." By book five, readers are starting to get a sense that Ron and Hermione might end up a couple -- problem is, Ron still hasn't really figured it out.


"I've learned all the course books by heart of course. I just hope ..."

This quote comes from the very first book in the series. When Hermione meets Ron and Harry on the Hogwarts Express, she confesses to having memorized every course book, but still worries whether she will ace her classes,


"It's SPEW. Stands for ..."

As Dobby the house elf becomes a major character in the series, Hermione becomes more aware of the plight these creatures suffer. She starts SPEW to fight for house elf rights, but has trouble finding others to join her cause.


"Fear of a name ..."

This quote comes from the second book in the Potter series. While the first book had a whole bunch of "he who must not be named" references, everyone -- including Hermione -- is starting to call Voldemort by name in "Chamber of Secrets."


"... can only get you so far."

If anyone knows what it takes to get ahead, it's the studious and hard-working Hermione. This quote comes from "Half-Blood Prince."


"Awful things happen to wizards who've meddled with..."

In "Prisoner of Azkaban," Hermione uses a time turner to attend multiple classes at once. When her friends learn her secret, she warns them that meddling in time can cause serious consequences.


"At least no one on the Gryffindor team had to ..."

After Malfoy's father buys brooms for the Slytherin team, Draco is made Seeker. Hermione mocks him, reminding him that only his father's money helped him get a spot on the team.


"Neville, I'm really sorry about this ..."

Neville Longbottom shows his bravery starting in the very first book in the series, when he tries to stop Harry, Ron and Hermione from sneaking out at night. To get him out of the way, Hermione turns him into a statue.


"Twitchy little ..., aren't you Malfoy?"

At one point in "Goblet of Fire," Mad-Eye Moody transforms Malfoy into a ferret and has some fun with him. Hermione later refers to him as a ferret when the two are engaged in one of their typical arguments.


"It's kind of fun, isn't it ..."

This quote comes from "Order of the Phoenix." Turns out even the strait-laced Hermione can let her hair down sometimes.


“You horrible woman, you don’t care, do you? Anything for a ..."

Rita Skeeter will do anything for a story. After confronting her in anger, Hermione eventually figures out a way to blackmail her into playing nice.


"The Grim's not an omen, it's the ..."

Hermione is furious when everyone is obsessed with the Grim in "Half-Blood Prince." Supposedly an omen of death, Hermione feels that people die as a result of seeing the Grim -- because they are gullible enough to actually believe the whole myth is real.


"Is that really what my hair ..."

Using the time turner provides some interesting opportunities for Hermione, including taking extra classes and saving Buckbeak. It also allows her to see herself as she really looks -- including a look at how her bushy hair looks from behind.


"You! You foul, loathsome, evil little ..."

In "Azkaban," Hermione threatens Malfoy at wand-point, calling him a cockroach. She later tosses her wand aside and throws a punch at him instead.


"We're coming with you. That was decided months ago ..."

Harry is set to undertake a terrifying journey in "Deathly Hallows," and plans to go alone to spare his friends. It's up to Hermione to remind him that he was never supposed to take this journey alone.


"The truth is you don't think a girl ..."

In "The Half-Blood Prince," Harry, Ron and Hermione work hard to determine who the title character -- and owner of a mysterious book -- could be. The boys assumed it's a male, and Hermione gets angry and accuses them of sexism.


"Even in the wizarding world,... isn't a good sign."

In "Chamber of Secrets," Harry is hearing voices that no one else can hear. Turns out, he's a parseltongue, which is why he can understand the secret snake language.


"You complete a***, Ronald Weasley! You show up here after weeks, and you say ..."

Harry and Hermione are devastated when Ron abandons them on their search for Horcruxes in "Deathly Hallows." When he finally turns up out of the blue, Hermione is furious that he initially acts nonchalant about leaving.


"Next time there's a ball ..."

The Yule Ball in "Goblet of Fire" causes all kinds of problems between Harry, Ron and Hermione. By the time the boys begin to see Hermione as a potential date, she's already found someone else to take her to the dance.


"Stop moving, both of you. This is devil's snare! You have to ..."

The kids come up against twisted vines known as Devil's Snare in the very first book in the series. Only Hermione knows that the best way to get free is to simply relax.


"Well, that’s a good sign, I never feel you perform as well in exams if ..."

It's hard to believe that someone as smart as Hermione gets nervous before a test, but she admits as much in this quote from "Order of the Phoenix."


Harry — I think I’ve just understood something! I’ve got to go to the ..."

To Hermione, the answer to any question can be found in the library. This quote comes from "Chamber of Secrets," but it's not the first or last time Hermione finds the answer she needs in a book.


"Are you planning to follow a career in Magic Law, Miss Granger?” asked Scrimgeour.%0D“No, I’m not ..."

In "Deathly Hallows," Hermione is asked about her future plans. She reveals little, except that she'd like to do some good in the world when she grows up.


”Stop, stop, stop! you’re going to take someone’s eye out. Besides, you’re saying it wrong ..."

In the very first Potter book, Hermione is a bit of a know-it-all. This quote comes from a Charms class, in which Ron and Hermione are paired up and tasked with making a feather fly.


”I’ve always admired your courage, Harry, but sometimes you can be really ..."

This quote comes from book six, "Half-Blood Prince." When Harry plans to go seek out Horcruxes, he initially wants to go alone. It's Hermione who has to inform him that it's not a task he will be able to achieve without help.


"Actually, I’m highly logical, which allows me to look past extraneous detail and ..."

This quote comes from "Deathly Hallows." Harry and Hermione are excited when they figure out how to destroy Horcruxes, and Harry calls Hermione brilliant, but she corrects him with this quote on the true nature of her intellect.


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