Quiz: Can You Fill in the Boozy Blanks of These Popular Country Music Songs?
Can You Fill in the Boozy Blanks of These Popular Country Music Songs?
By: Todd Betzold
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About This Quiz

Country music gets a bad rap when it comes to some people in this world. They are always making fun of it, saying it's about driving your truck, sleeping with your cousin, crying over a breakup or getting drunk. While they all might not be true, that last one might have some truth to it. I mean, if you look at the lyrics to some of the most popular country songs over the years, a lot of them mention booze! Yeah, those boozy lyrics have been ringing in our ears for years now, but can you remember them when the pressure is on?

We are going to test you on those boozy lyrics. As we read them off, all you have to do is fill in the blank with the missing word, which is going to be some kind of alcohol! Sounds fun, huh? Whether it's Toby Keith loving this bar or Garth Brooks talking about his friends and low places, we are going to be bringing the lyrics and you are going to be bringing your country-music knowledge. Can you make it to the end of this quiz with a perfect score? If so, you're either a big country fan or you might need an AA meeting!

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"It's finally Friday / My kind of day / I punch the clock, I hit the road flying / It's ______ thirty, a honky-tonk time"
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"When the thought of you came crashing through / I'd have one more / But now the ________ ain't workin' anymore"
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"And after ten rounds with ____________ / I lost count and started counting again"
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"When I took his glass of _________ / And I toasted you / Said, 'Honey, we may be through / But you'll never hear me complain'"
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"Bartender, pour the ______ / 'Cause the hurtin's all mine / Tonight the heartache's on me"
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"And we like to drink our ______ from a mason jar / Mm, mm, mm, mm, mm, I love this bar, yes, I do!"
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"We cooked the pig in the ground / Got some ____ on ice / And all my rowdy friends are coming over tonight"
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"Out in the sticks / With the squirrels and the ticks / And my thirty-aught-six / I'm running out of ___________"
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"Pour me something tall and strong / Make it a _________ before I go insane"
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"Got this 737 rocking like a G6 / Stewardess is somethin' sexy / Leanin' pourin' _______ and __________"
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"Don't want no purple hooter shooter / Just some _______ on the rocks / Don't mind me if I start that trashy talk"
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"I'm drinking _____________, feeling no pain 'till early morning / Dining and dancing with every pretty girl I can find"
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"I wasn't born for diggin deep holes / I'm not made for pavin' long roads / I ain't cut out to climb high line poles / But I'm pretty good at drinkin' ________"
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"What I’m really needing now / Is a double shot of _______ / Chase that disco ball around"
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"Now I really love how you're easy to stack / But I really hate how you're easy to crack / 'Cause when ______ runs down the front of my back / Well, that, my friends, is quite yucky"
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"We all know why we're here / A little fun, a little music, a little ________, a little ______ / We're gonna shake off those long-week blues"
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"So I'm gonna sit right here / On the edge of this pier / Watch the sunset disappear / And drink a ______"
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"And then after while we'll sneak away from the bonfire / Walk by the moonlight and down to the riverside / Gotcha sippin' on some __________"
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"Lord, I have loved some ladies / And I have loved _______ / And they both tried to kill me in 1973"
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"And it kills, and it thrills, like the horns on my Silverado grill / And I buy the bar a double round of _______ / And everybody's getting down"
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"The city put a limit on the water you can buy / We don't mind 'cause 'round here / We save water and drink ______"
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"Hey, troubles, I forgot 'em / I buried 'em in the sand / So bring me two _________ / She said good-bye to her good-timin' man"
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"That was a cold one / I never will get back / Yeah, she had to leave, did she have to leave me one ______ / Short of a twelve pack?"
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"Workin' on the sweet thing sittin' on a bar stool / Doin' shots of _______ / Girl, gonna take it old school"
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"But then you see her leaving me / It's not what I prefer / So it's either here just drinking ______ or home remembering her / Pop a top again"
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"She said, 'I'm goin' out with my girlfriends / _________ at the Holiday Inn' / Oh, have mercy / My only thought was / ________ makes her clothes fall off"
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"Should I try to grow up? / But who knows where to start / So I just sit right here and have another _______ in Mexico / Do my best to waste another day"
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"Oh ________ if you were a woman / I'd fight you and I'd win / Lord knows I would"
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"Well, used to be a glass of _______ / And you'd be fine all evenin' / Now I'm the one who says we're done"
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"Doing ninety miles an hour toward the county line / Quick sack, twelve pack, back again / It's a __________________"
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"Well, I ain't never / Been the Barbie doll type / No, I can't swig that sweet ____________ / I'd rather drink _______ all night"
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"Hey, bartender, can I make one special request? / My woman left me, so tonight I'll be drinkin' your best / I'm not talkin' about _________, ________, ___________ or ____________ / I'll take anything domestic, light and cold"
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"'Cause you and ________ make me crazy / Run like poison in my blood / One more night could kill me, baby"
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"There's a tear in my ____ / 'Cause I'm crying for you, dear / You are on my lonely mind"
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"_______ river, take my mind / Don't let her memory torture me"
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