Quiz: Can You Figure Out This Military Job from a One Sentence Description?
Can You Figure Out This Military Job from a One Sentence Description?
By: Torrance Grey
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About This Quiz

Since the beginning of the War on Terror, in Iraq and Afghanistan, many of us tend to look at military service as just that -- service, a gift given to one's country. We see it as something you'd do briefly, probably in one's youth, before going home and entering college or civilian work. However, military service is also a job. Or many jobs, with training programs and paygrades and the like. It wasn't so long ago that many people based the rest of their careers on a skill they learned in the Army or Navy.

There are five branches of the armed services in the United States, and each one offers different opportunities for learning and career advancement, (although there is a lot of overlap). If you've got a yearning to be a pilot, of course you'd think of the Air Force. But the Navy has a proud tradition of putting fighter jets in the air; just think of the famous Blue Angels. And Army pilots fly that branch's helicopter gunships, like the Kiowa and the Apache. Interested in computers? Cyberwarfare and information management are extremely important in the 21st century. There are glamour jobs, if you make the grade, like being an Army Ranger or Navy SEAL. On the other hand, the backbone of the military are the majority of people in unglamorous jobs, from air traffic controllers to mess cooks.

How well do you know the jobs of the armed services? Find out now with our quiz!

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This job might have you landing behind enemy lines.
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You provide aid to the sick and injured.
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You'll tend to the troops' more intangible needs.
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You might have been inspired to seek this job by "Top Gun." (Best not to admit that at induction).
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The TV series "JAG" was about people like you.
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Not sure which military job you should have? You need one of these.
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If you take this job, you'll have to work at never "breaking character."
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You've got to have a little hacker in you to do this well.
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Cuba Gooding Jr. played one in "Men of Honor."
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If you're fascinated by weapons, this Navy job might be for you.
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If you want to see foreign countries, and tact is your strong point, this job is for you.
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Despite the name, it's probably not a great thing to be sloppy in this job.
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In this job, you'll be the eyes and ears of a commanding officer.
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Ashton Kutcher played one of these adrenalin junkies in "The Guardian."
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This job didn't exist until a few decades ago.
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This Air Force job involves rescue and medical aid under tense conditions.
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To do this job, you couldn't have a fear of heights!
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This job can be found in the Navy or Coast Guard.
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"One shot, one kill" is their slogan.
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This job is needed in all branches of the military.
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This job's name might take you back to WWII.
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If you choose this job, don't forget to wear your cargo pants!
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In the Army, you might work for "Stars & Stripes."
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Women, like Joan Clarke, have traditionally done well in this job.
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This is like a Navy SEAL or an Army Ranger, but is a more general term.
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Pick up the baton and take on this traditional job.
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You'll use your skills to help the troops overcome rough terrain and stay mobile.
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To do this job, you'll have to get comfortable with cannons and rockets.
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