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Texas is one fine state of the good ol' US of A. It has had a longstanding history full of victories and hardships, happy moments and sad ones, devastating as well as outstanding events. The people make the state, and the state makes the people, too. It is truly that interesting!

Coming from an outsider's point of view, Texas may carry some stereotypical nuances that we've all learned via different kinds of media. We see images of the land, the people running the land, and the people trying to outrun something on that land, all glorified or vilified on global films, television and even literature and other pop culture outlets. But that's totally fine. Texans are mighty fine with their history and with their developments as well.

And for those who would want to really immerse themselves in the Texas way of life, they really need to shift different sorts of paradigms on their being. Things are done differently there, and they may have different takes on different things. So it's best to observe, and as they say, do as the Romans do. Or in your case, do as the Texans do.

So, do you wanna know if you can make the cut? Take this quiz, then, and see for yourself!

When you mention a famous battle in Texas, what will they mention?

The Battle of the Alamo is perhaps one of the battles most etched in Texans' minds. Due to this event, sometimes it's overlooked that The Alamo structure itself was a religious mission built by the Spanish.


What's the nickname of the state?

Texas was an independent republic before. The lone star symbol on its flag is a reminder of that, so is calling it The Lone Star State.


What's their state capital?

Austin is the bustling capital of Texas. It's nicknamed the "Live Music Capital of the World."


Can you name one of their NFL teams?

You can find the Dallas Cowboys playing their home games at the AT&T Stadium. That's in Arlington, Texas.


What's the predominant religion in this state?

Texas is predominantly a Christian state. They have many types: Evangelical Protestants, Catholics, Mormons and Eastern Orthodox followers, to name a few.


Can you name two US presidents who identify with Texas?

Both George W. Bush and his dad, George Bush, are highly identified with Texas, even if they weren't born there. Daddy Bush spent his adult life there while Dubya was raised there.


Can you locate where the Texas State Capitol is, in Austin?

You can find the majestic Texas State Capitol along Congress and 11th Streets. Tourists often flock here to see its history, so the building is open for that purpose, too.


Can you name a famous NBA team from Texas?

The San Antonio Spurs play their home games at the AT&T Center. That's located in San Antonio's east side.


Which valuable liquid is identified with the progress of Texas?

It was in the early 1900s when various oil fields were discovered in different parts of Texas. This helped in transforming the economy of the state.


Who is the "King of the Wild Frontier" who fought in the Texas Revolution?

As the song said, "Where freedom was fightin' another foe/ An' they needed him at the Alamo!" Davy Crockett sure was a hero there, which became folk legend as well.


What is their state flower?

Texas has an endemic supply of flowers called bluebonnet. It's also called Texas bluebonnet or the Texas lupine.


Which raw materials of the flora kind helped establish the economy of Texas?

Texas produced lots of timber and cotton even before World War II. Together with the discovery of oil, these industries propelled the state to become economically stable.


Texas was once originally part of which Spanish-speaking country?

Texas was actually part of Mexico before. This was during 1821 and lasted until 1836.


Because of its location in the American South, what term is sometimes used to refer to Texas culture?

The Southern US has a feel of being Dixie. While it technically referred to the states below the Mason-Dixon line before, these days it's more of a cultural adjective than a geographic one.


It may sound weird to most, but Texans love eating this for breakfast. Can you guess what?

Texans love to eat breakfast tacos in the morning. These are served using soft flour tortillas, not the crispy kind.


The term "Six flags over Texas" basically represents what?

The state slogan "Six flags over Texas" pertains to the countries that held sovereignty over Texas in some way, either in whole or parts of it, through the course of its history and up to now. So there's Mexico, Spain, France, its independent stature of the Republic of Texas, its secession phase under the Confederate States of America, and of course being part of the great United States of America today.


This Irreplaceable singer is from Texas! Can you name her?

Yep, Beyoncé was born and raised in Houston. But she "run the world" now!


Can you name an MLB team from Texas?

You can find the Houston Astros playing their home games at the Minute Maid Park. That was called the Astros Field and Enron Field before, located in Houston.


This "Magic Mike" star is also from here! Who is this?

Matthew McConaughey was born in Uvalde, Texas. Coincidentally, his early films included the Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation.


If you're an "Aggie," where did you graduate from?

Texas A&M University is considered one of the flagship universities of Texas. It's public, coed, and a great research university.


The DFW Metroplex refers to the city of Dallas and which other Texan city?

The DFW Metroplex is actually composed of 13 counties. FW means Fort Worth.


Who is considered as the "Father of Texas?"

Stephen F. Austin is recognized as the Father of Texas since he was the founder of the state. He did this by bringing in around 300 families here to relocate, in his role as an "empresario" or entrepreneur.


In terms of being one of the largest states of the USA, what is the rank of Texas in this list?

Because of the large land mass of Texas, as well as the huge population, it lands itself as the second largest US state. Only Alaska beats them in land mass details, being the first on this list.


A major river in the US southwest serves as the boundary between parts of Texas and Mexico. Which river is this?

In the southwest US, the Rio Grande is a very important river system. It's the same feeling for northern Mexico.


He is "Always on My Mind" whenever country music from Texas is mentioned. Who is this legend?

When it comes to country music, Willie Nelson is a name that's always mentioned for his legendary contributions to the genre. He was born in Abbot, Texas.


Can you name who heads the Lakewood Church in Houston?

There are many megachurches all over Texas. Lakewood Church is one of them, headed by its pastor, Joel Osteen.


What's the term they use for bars that play country music in Texas?

Honky-tonk bars are popular all over southern US where country music is popular as well. Many great country music stars started their careers in such establishments.


David Koresh and the Branch Davidians became infamous in relation to which Texas location?

Waco was the site of a siege that took place between law enforcers and a religious sect known as the Branch Davidians. Their head was David Koresh, and many died in that event.


The image of the Texan cowboy was formed partly due to which industry?

Even before oil was discovered, Texas had a hand in the cattle industry. That also made their state economically stable, which also contributed the image of the Texas cowboy to the world.


During the Civil War, which side was Texas on?

Texas was part of the Confederate States of America, and fought under that flag during the Civil War. But Gov. Sam Houston wasn't for it, so he was deposed.


Which high school football-themed TV show was famously set in Texas?

Coach Taylor and his team was an inspirational bunch that made "Friday Night Lights" a popular TV show set in Texas. It ran from 2006 to 2011.


What is the legendary law enforcement group identified with Texas since the "wild wild west" days?

The Texas Rangers are indeed legendary law enforcement officers. But their full name is Texas Ranger Division, established by the Father of Texas himself.


Who is Texas' pride at the NHL?

Texans also love ice hockey. Their NHL team is the Dallas Stars.


What do you call the expansive flat lands that helped propagate parts of Texas' cattle industry?

The great expanse of the Great Plains is covered by areas of prairie, grassland and steppe. These vegetation systems helped the cattle and bison industry so much, which made Texas great.


Religiously speaking, Texas is said to be part of what kind of "faith accessory?"

The Bible Belt is the region in the US where people are seen as more conservative in their religious leanings of a Christian nature. This region is mostly found in the southern US.


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