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Having a drink now and then may be perfectly acceptable if you have diabetes. As long as your diabetes is managed effectively and you have no other complicating health concerns, moderate alcohol consumption is safe. Take this quiz and learn about the relationship between diabetes and that cold beer we all love.

How quickly does alcohol appear in your bloodstream?

Alcohol quickly gets into your blood without being metabolized by the stomach. At 30 to 90 minutes after consumption, your blood alcohol level is at its peak.


What bodily organ breaks down alcohol?

Your liver is primarily responsible for breaking down alcohol, but it does the job slowly. It can take several hours for your liver to metabolize alcohol.


What happens if you drink alcohol at a quicker rate than the speed your liver metabolizes alcohol?

Alcohol levels increase in the bloodstream, and alcohol travels to other parts of the body, such as the brain, when alcohol consumption occurs at a fast rate than metabolism. This is when you start to "get a buzz."


How much alcohol consumption is recommended for a male adult with diabetes?

The American Diabetes Association recommends no more than two drinks a day for men and one drink a day for women, as long as diabetes management is under control.


What diabetes-related health problems can worsen with alcohol use?

You may be advised to steer clear of alcohol consumption if you have diabetes-related health problems such as nerve damage or high blood pressure.


What may happen if you drink alcohol and are taking diabetes medication or insulin shots?

You may experience a drop in blood glucose levels if you consume alcohol and are on a diabetes insulin or medication regimen. Your are advised never to drink on an empty stomach for this reason.


What part of your body is to blame for low blood glucose levels when consuming alcohol?

Your body normally converts glycogen into sugar when your blood glucose levels drop. However, if you drink alcohol, your liver puts priority on metabolizing alcohol and places converting glycogen on the back burner. This can result in low blood glucose levels while drinking.


What should you avoid doing before consuming alcohol?

Exercising, along with drinking alcohol, lowers your blood glucose levels. Exercise can actually lower your blood glucose levels for up to 24 hours after you stop. So, alcohol and exercise is a recipe for disaster.


Who has the smallest risk for low blood sugar levels when drinking?

If you have type 2 diabetes and you successfully manage your blood glucose levels with diet and exercise alone, you are at decreased risk of experiencing low blood sugar due to alcohol consumption.


When should you check your blood glucose levels if you have been drinking?

Your blood glucose levels fall while you're asleep, so it's important to check your blood glucose before you retire for the night if you've been drinking.


What should you do before you go to sleep after drinking?

To avoid low blood glucose levels while you sleep, eat a snack after drinking alcohol and before bedtime.


What is the best way to treat severely low blood glucose due to alcohol consumption?

Glucagon shots, normally used to stimulate the liver to release glucose in cases of severely low blood glucose levels, do not work when you've been consuming alcohol. Ingest oral carbohydrates instead, such as oral glucose tablets, juice or a non-diet soda.


What happens if you pass out as a result of severely low blood glucose from alcohol consumption?

You should avoid passing out due to alcohol consumption at all costs. If this were to happen, you require a glucose injection from a health professional.


What happens if you drink heavily over time?

Chronic and heavy drinking damages your liver, which substantially interferes with diabetes management.


In a diabetes diet plan, one alcoholic beverage counts as ________.

Regular alcohol consumption can derail your diabetes diet and your attempts at losing weight. One alcoholic beverage counts as two fat exchanges in a diabetes diet plan.


Two beers contain how many calories?

Alcohol is considered empty calories, as it contains no nutritional value. Two beers typically have about 200 calories.


Which of the following drinks is best for someone with diabetes?

Alcoholic drinks low in alcohol and sugar, such as vodka with club soda, are best for someone with diabetes.


What type of wine is best for someone with diabetes?

Dry wines typically are best for people with diabetes, as they generally contain fewer calories, carbohydrates and alcohol.


Why is alcohol consumption frowned upon for people with diabetes and nerve damage?

Alcohol is toxic to nerves and can even result in nerve damage; therefore, it exacerbate symptoms related to nerve damage, including pain and numbness.


You should not drink alcohol if you have high amounts of ________ in your blood.

Many people with diabetes also have high amounts of triglyceride fat in their blood. These people should avoid alcohol consumption. Alcohol negatively affects how the liver clears fat from the blood and can further raise triglyceride levels.


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