Quiz: Can You Conquer This High School History Quiz?
Can You Conquer This High School History Quiz?
By: Robin Tyler
Image: MassanPH / Moment / Getty Images

About This Quiz

The Chinese philosopher Confucius once said: “Study the past if you would define the future.”

There is no denying that as human beings, we can learn so much from the past. Why? Well, the lessons left there are for all to see. We can see the trials, the tribulations, the hardships and the joys our ancestors went through. More importantly, we can learn from their mistakes. But as human beings, this is certainly not something we seem to be able to latch onto. 

Looking back in history, we see many things. Perhaps the one thing that stands out is conflict. Time and time again, men have gone to war over their differences. And that's something that doesn't seem ever to go away, no matter how far we have come as a species. But we also see great leaders, men who did everything they could for a cause they believed in. Some, like Abraham Lincoln, gave his life for the cause. But we remember them for the selflessness. 

So let's get straight to the task at hand. Can you ace this history quiz that has a range of questions about American history as well as that of the world?

Think you can? Then what are you waiting for?

Good luck! 

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