Quiz: Can You Complete These Sentences with the Correct Words?
Can You Complete These Sentences with the Correct Words?
By: Isadora Teich
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About This Quiz

The English language is notoriously difficult to learn and get right. This is partially because it is such a mishmash of things. At its core, English is a mess of Germanic languages, Latin, and Greek. On top of that, the English language has traveled the entire world picking up phrases and words as it went. Many English speakers casually use words like "Gesundheit," "Sushi," "Chai," and "Bistro" day in and day out without ever thinking about their roots. Of course, these common words used in the English world are German, Japanese, Indian and Russian.  

With so many words with different roots, its no wonder that it's hard to discern any sort of universal patterns within English, and that knowing the correct pronunciation and usage of words is tough. Unlike many other languages, which are phonetic, meaning that they sound the way they are spelled, or use accents to denote pronunciation, English is mostly memorization. It is even full of words which sound the same, but mean totally different things and are spelled differently. English is truly a tricky language to grasp. If you are a true master of the English language, see if you can pick the right words to complete these sentences in this difficult quiz! 

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Jacob ate a ________ of pizza.
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We vacationed by the _________.
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Did you win the ________?
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This necklace is made from __________ silver.
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Gabriel's essay was full of ________.
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Can you _______ your actions?
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Jemma could not ________ one key from another in the dark.
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I like to ________ books.
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Jordan was _________ in love with Taylor.
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Do you ___________ anything else?
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That dog doesn't have a _______.
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They prayed at the _________.
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Chaminda bought the shoes on __________.
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A presidential ___________ costs millions and millions.
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The young boy's piano skill was ___________.
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They broke up due to ____________ differences.
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Some foods are _________ to dogs.
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Karl _________ me to Janelle.
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Greg chose the _____ option.
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The company has a ______ issue.
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It's a ________ night.
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Clay's parents punished him for his bad ____________.
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My family has their ______ in Greece.
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It's the _________ of the thing.
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Be _______!
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No one wants to be _________.
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Do you know the _______?
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Clara's great-grandmother had __________.
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I _________ you to think carefully.
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The jacket was too ________.
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Don't ___________ people with bad habits.
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Try to act __________.
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Kevin wants to __________ wealth.
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James is a football player in a __________ of his own.
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Her culture was a large part of her ____________.
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