Can You Complete These Common Weather-Related Phrases?

By: Becky Stigall
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Rain, snow or dead of night, these weather-related phrases are common enough for most people to figure out. Can you guess each one if we give you a hint?

Any ____ in a storm.

During a storm, we might settle for cover that is less than desirable. This phrase reflects the sentiment that, sometimes, we settle for things that aren't quite what we want.

Calm before the _____.

The phrase is "calm before the storm." Every storm has that eerie time just before it hits.

Weather the _____.

The phrase is "weather the storm." It means to make it through a rough time.

Chasing ________.

The phrase is "chasing rainbows." It means to chase something you will probably never find.

Cloud ____.

The phrase is "cloud nine." It means that you are happy. Not sure what was wrong with the first eight clouds, though.

Right as ____.

The expression is "right as rain." It means that life is good.

Cloud of _________.

The phrase is "cloud of suspicion." It means that something is casting doubt.

Cloud on the _______.

The phrase is "cloud on the horizon." It means that you can see a problem up ahead.

Come ____ or shine.

The phrase is "come rain or shine." It means that no situation will prevent something from happening.

Dry _____.

The expression is "dry spell." It means that one's usual success is not happening.

Every cloud has a ______ lining.

The expression is "every cloud has a silver lining." It means that you should be able to find something good, even in a bad situation.

Face like _______.

The phrase is "face like thunder." It is used to refer to someone who is angry.

Fair weather ______.

The phrase is "fair weather friend." It is used to refer to someone who is a friend only during the good times.

Get ____ of...

The phrase is "get wind of...." It means to find something out that may have been meant to be a secret.

Greased __________.

The expression is "greased lightning." It means that something is very fast.

Head in the ______.

The phrase is "head in the clouds." It means that someone is "flying high" and a bit unrealistic.

Hit rough _______.

The phrase is "hit rough weather." It means that you are having a hard time.

In a _____.

The expression is "in a fog." It means that you are confused.

Into each life a little ____ must fall.

The expression is "Into each life a little rain must fall." It means that life isn't perfect, and you should expect at least a few difficulties.

When it rains, it _____.

The expression is "When it rains, it pours." It means that when something goes wrong, it goes very wrong.

Know which way the ____ blows.

The phrase is "know which way the wind blows." It means that you can anticipate trends to get ahead.

Made in the _____.

The expression is "made in the shade." It refers to a time of good fortune.

Doesn't know enough to come in out of the ____.

The expression is "Doesn't know enough to come in out of the rain." This phrase is used to refer to someone who isn't very bright.

Rain on your ______.

Rain on a parade would be a bummer. This expression is used to refer to someone who spoils plans, often intentionally.

Rainy ___ fund.

A rainy day is metaphor for a difficult time. A rainy day fund is money that's set aside for hard times.

Seven ______ to the wind.

The expression is "seven sheets to the wind." It is used to refer to someone who is very intoxicated.

Shoot the ______.

The phrase is "shoot the breeze." It is used to describe relaxed chatter.

Steal your _______.

The phrase is "steal your thunder." It refers to someone else taking credit for your success.

Stem the ____.

The phrase is "stem the tide." It means to try to stop something from getting bigger or worse.

Storm in a ______.

The phrase can be a "storm in a teacup" or "storm in a bottle." Either way, a storm in a small space may seem much worse than it really is.

Take a _________.

The phrase is "take a rain check." It means you will accept something later, rather than now.

Throw _______ to the wind.

When you throw something into the wind, you never know where it will land. This expression means to take a risk.

Twisting in the ____.

The expression is "twisting in the wind." It means to be left alone to fend for yourself.

Under the _______.

The expression is "under the weather." It means you aren't feeling well.

Wait for a ________ in the drought.

The expression is "wait for a raindrop in the drought." This phrase is used to indicate that something is not likely to happen.

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