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Don't go back to school before you take this test. Vocabulary is everything! In this quiz, we're going to test your knowledge of some of the most interesting and fun words. Put that dictionary away!

He was on top of the world, because his career had reached its ________.

The zenith is the point that is above the observer. It is often referred to as the highest point, or the peak of something.

His belief in his political party was so strong that you might call him a ______.

A zealot is someone whose beliefs are so strong that they are militant about it.

That genius poet has ____ ability with words.

Anything uncanny is surpassing the ordinary and becoming extraordinary. Uncanny ability is special in every respect.

His response was _____ and could have meant a million things.

When something is ambiguous, it has more than one possible meaning. No one likes to get an ambiguous response.

The softness of the silk was ______ to the merchant.

When something is tangible you can feel it. It is tangible if it's perceptible to the senses.

His impractical efforts were so silly and ______ .

Quixotic efforts are not sensible or practical in any way. This is in reference to Don Quixote.

Her sunny ______ always made her well-liked.

A disposition is someone's usual mood. A sunny disposition is a happy one.

Everything was changing at the company, and the employees had to endure the _____ shift.

A paradigm is something normal or standard for an orgainzation or group. A paradigm shift happens when the typical situation is changed.

To say he's pretty ugly is an _____.

An oxymoron contains contradictory terms. An ugly man is generally not pretty.

That familiar scent of apple pie made her _______.

Nostalgia is longing for the past, or longing for familiar things. You experience nostalgia when you have good memories.

The guy who hates everyone is a ________.

A misanthrope is someone who does not like people. In fact, they hate all of humanity.

When she came to, she was _____ and easily understood.

To be lucid is to be transparently clear. When you are lucid, you are easily understood.

Her bad ____ had determined her sad destiny.

Karma is the effect of a person's actions. These actions determine someone's destiny, according to Hinduism.

His ______ essay lacked any significance.

When something is jejune, it is lacking in interest and impact. Something that is jejune is not compelling.

The _____ made her sleepy but removed her desire to smoke.

Hypnosis is a sleepy state induced by suggestion. Often people can visualize and change things in this state.

It was under the _____ of caring that she was able to deceive​ her lover.

A guise is a simulated semblance. It is artful, not genuine.

Only his ________ got him through years of unjust​ imprisonment.

Fortitude is strength of mind. If someone is falsely imprisoned, they need fortitude to endure.

The book was so _____ that only the elite of Harvard could understand it.

Something esoteric is understandable only by an elite few. An esoteric book is only understood by experts.

That ______ woman only believes in the worst of human nature.

To be cynical is to only believe in the worst of human nature and motives. Cynical people don't see the goodness of others.

"Magnificent Mongoose" is a use of ________.

Alliteration is the repetition of consonants at the beginning of words. The Raucous Reptile is alliteration.

The man ________ for his lover's company.

To yearn for something is to strongly desire it. You might also say that you're pining for something.

That _____ tree is twisted toward one side!

When something is wonky, it is out of sorts. It may be tilted to one side or twisted.

Those stunning ____ bricks are the color of sunset.

Vermillion is a vibrant red or reddish-orange hue. Bricks can be the color of vermillion, as can rubies.

Compared to the surrounding yellow tulips, the purple tulip was ________.

When something is unique it is singular and like no other. A purple tulip amidst yellow ones is unique.

She was no longer agitated, but quite _____.

To be serene is to not be agitated. When someone is serene, they are calm and at peace.

The king tried to _____ the uprising.

To quell something is to suppress or crush it. A king would definitely want to quell an uprising.

The ______ of the story followed the life of Hugo Baggins.

The narrative is the telling of the story. It's an account of an event or series of events.

His _____ speech was quite effective.

Rhetorical refers to language that is used effectively. Speeches are often referred to as rhetorical.

The _____ child couldn't even manage to brush his teeth.

To be lethargic is to be lacking in energy. Someone who is lethargic is sluggish.

That _____ woman is flaunting herself in the streets!

To be wanton is to be lewd and lascivious. Both men and women can be wanton. Don't confuse this with wonton, which is a delicious dumpling.

She thought it was _____ that her highly anticipated wedding was rained on.

Something is ironic when you expect one outcome and get a different one. It's the incongruity between what is expected and what occurs.

He wanted to _____ about town, seeking pleasure.

To gallivant is to wander in search of pleasure. One could gallivant around the globe.

She had ____ for her daughter's feelings because she had experienced them herself.

To have empathy for someone's experience means that you understand it. You can share another person's feelings.

He chose to _____ the street that was littered with dog droppings.

To bypass something is to avoid it because it's unpleasant. You always want to bypass the street with dog droppings.

Japan went through years of ________, not letting anyone foreign enter the country.

Xenophobia is the fear of outsiders or foreigners. A xenophobic country won't let anyone else in.

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