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Canning and pickling are a timeless tradition. There are so many fun things to know about the art of food preservation​, and there's a chance that you don't know it all! In this quiz, we'll test your knowledge of all things pickling. You'll never look at a jar of jam the same way again.

Fermenting and pickling are . . . ?

Canning and pickling, or fermenting, are some of the oldest forms of cooking. They've been done throughout history.

Canning is basically . . . ?

That's right. Canning is basically just sealing food in jars. It's as easy as that.

With the advent of refrigeration, we've sacrificed​?

With refrigeration and packaged foods, we eat less pickles. That means we're missing out on nutrition!

Pickles have . . . ?

Pickles have good microbes! They help our guts to function, and cause more good microbes to grow!

Today we preserve food because we . . . ?

Today, pickling is an act of want, and not need! Throughout history, people pickled in order to preserve food.

What are the best vegetables to pickle?

A high water content is best for pickling. That's why cucumbers work so well. Root vegetables, cabbage and kale work well too.

Cleopatra ate pickles for . . . ?

Cleopatra claimed that pickles made her beautiful. She also ate them as a means of staying slim.

What did Napoleon think of pickles?

Napoleon loved pickles. He loved them so much that he gave out a prize of $250,000 for someone to invent a good pickling method for his troops.

When you seal veggies in a mason jar, they're good for . . . ?

Vacuum sealing veggies in a mason jar or can will make those veggies good for one year! That means that you can stretch your harvest out.

Can you drink pickle juice?

Not only can you drink pickle juice, but it can make you strong. The Philadelphia Eagles beat the Dallas Cowboys in 2000 because they drank pickle juice. True fact.

Which of these do you need for canning?

When canning, you need a jar, a jar lifter, large pot, oven mitt and an oven rack. Then the fun begins.

How much food goes into one quart canned?

One quart of canned food will have about three to four pounds of food. You can use either fruit or vegetables.

What is the canning bible?

The Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving is considered the canning bible. It's been around since 1909!

H. J. Heinz used _____ shaped pins to lure folks to his booth at the Chicago World's Fair.

H. J. Heinz used pickle-pins to lure customers. Apparently, it seemed to work. Everyone loves a pickle pin.

Why do mason jars have that popping lid?

Mason jars make that popping sound to prove that they're vacuum sealed! This happens after they're boiled and then cooled.

Pickle factories in the U.S. pickle their foods . . . ?

Pickle factories actually pickle their foods outdoors in vats. Apparently this is because the sun prevents yeast and mold.

What's the distinct difference between canning and pickling?

When pickling, you add acidity, which preserves the food for much longer. It also tastes darn good!

In Fiji, a groom is valued for . . . ?

In Fiji, a groom is judged by how many pickles he has! Pickling is done in the ground, using banana leaves. Not fair to judge a man by his pickle.

To make a quick pickle, add . . . ?

All these ingredients will make a quick, tasty pickle. You'll be able to eat it within 24 hours!

How do you seal the top of a pickle jar?

You seal the top of the lid with cheesecloth. This allows the vapors to be released, while still protecting the pickles from invaders!!!!

What is the difference between pickling and fermenting?

Fermenting produces lactobacilli bacteria, whilst pickling does not. They both taste tangy and delicious though!

In Mississippi, kids love ____ pickles.

There's a hot trend in the Delta of Mississippi. It's Kool-Aid pickles! They taste sweet and tangy and sell at fairs.

How long does it generally take to make a pickle?

It generally takes three to four weeks to create a jar of pickles. Make sure the temperature isn't too high or too low.

What's the first step in pickling?

It's so important to wash your produce. It must be clean. Scrub those pickles!

Where is the Christmas Pickle Capital?

Berrien Springs, Michigan, is the Christmas capital of the world. They have a parade each year where they hand out fresh pickles.

What do they call pickles in the UK?

Pickles are gherkins in the UK. In France, they are cornichon. Everywhere else? Who knows.

Some believe pickling started in . . . ?

It is believed that pickling started in Mesopotamia. This would be in 2400 B.C.

Who coined the phrase, "in a pickle"?

Shakespeare first used the term in "The Tempest. " “How cam’st thou in this pickle?”

What's the most popular variety of pickle in America?

The dill pickle is twice as popular as the sweet pickle in America. But folks do eat the sweet ones too!

If it weren't for pickles . . . ?

Columbus fed his men pickles on the ship to keep them from getting scurvy. Without pickles, America would never have been discovered!

Is there a National Pickle Day?

There's a National Pickle Day! It's November 14th. Be sure to eat a pickle that day.

In Connecticut, they like their pickles to . . . . ?

In Connecticut they believe that their pickles should bounce. In fact, they must do so to officially be a pickle.

The U.S. Supreme Court deems pickles as . . . ?

The U.S. Supreme Court deems pickles to be fruits. In the same way that tomatoes are considered to be fruits.

What is the best kind of jelly?

All jelly is good. No jelly is bad. Put it on bread, a scone, a muffin! Everything is better with jelly.

The average American eats ____ of pickles per year.

The average American eats 8.5 pounds of pickles per year! If we ate more, we'd be healthier.

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