Quiz: Can You Answer These Questions From a Nursing Exam?
Can You Answer These Questions From a Nursing Exam?
By: Todd Betzold
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Imagine working your butt off to get through nursing school. However, in order to successfully finish the program and get that RN or LPN degree, you need to pass the nursing exam. You aced everything up until this point, but then you have a major brain fart during the exam and you totally forget the legal document that tells whether the patient wants CPR or not. Maybe you forgot that an evisceration is the protrusion of an internal organ through a wound or a surgical incision.

Sure, you know what to do when in the moment, but you totally freaked out while taking the exam. It happens to many people, especially when put under all the stress of nursing school, and then you have the nursing exam staring you in the face. If you still have that exam in front of you, then no need to worry. We have the perfect test for you! There is no pressure involved with this one, as you simply try to get every answer correct.

Whether you have been a nurse for 20 years or you are hoping to pass the nursing exam soon, can you get all of these questions right? Take the quiz and show your knowledge!

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You should put avulsed teeth in what?
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If you have yellow or white spots on the oral mucosa that are impossible to scrape off without bleeding, which oral disorder do you have?
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Used exclusively for infants and neonates from 32 weeks of gestation to six months of age, this is the pain assessment scale used:
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This is the hormone that produces a mother's milk.
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What is the most important thing a nurse can do to prevent the spread of infection?
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Of the following, which is a vector of infection?
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Which drug is thought to be associated with an increase in lipoprotein levels?
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A long term care patient has chronic pain. They now need increasing dosages to control the pain. What is this patient affected with?
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You think your patient just has dandruff, but which skin disorder most closely resembles dandruff?
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The metabolic rate is decreased as a result of which disease?
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A fire emergency is happening in your hospital. What is the first step in the fire emergency intervention?
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What burn type would lead to the greatest degree of pain?
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The nursing process has many phases. During which phase does data get collected and validated with the patient and/or family members by the nurse?
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What is the normal amount of daily feedings for a newborn?
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One milliliter contains how many minims?
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The fetal heart starts pumping its own blood during which week?
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For sedentary older men, active adult women and children, the recommended daily caloric intake should be what?
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Which type of cancer has the lowest survival rate?
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What would you recommend to a patient who has difficulty swallowing and chokes frequently?
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A patient comes into the emergency room with multiple traumas. Which of these conditions and injuries would be the most serious?
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This electrolyte is essential for enzyme and neurochemical activities.
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Risk factors are placed into broad classifications. Alcohol, caffeine and drugs are high risk factors for what classification?
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Which of these breath sounds would be considered normal and not adventitious?
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After having imaging done, the doctor tells a patient they have a Mallory-Weiss tear. They ask you what this is and you tell them what?
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