Quiz: Can You Answer These Questions From a Nursing Exam?
Can You Answer These Questions From a Nursing Exam?
By: Todd Betzold
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Imagine working your butt off to get through nursing school. However, in order to successfully finish the program and get that RN or LPN degree, you need to pass the nursing exam. You aced everything up until this point, but then you have a major brain fart during the exam and you totally forget the legal document that tells whether the patient wants CPR or not. Maybe you forgot that an evisceration is the protrusion of an internal organ through a wound or a surgical incision.

Sure, you know what to do when in the moment, but you totally freaked out while taking the exam. It happens to many people, especially when put under all the stress of nursing school, and then you have the nursing exam staring you in the face. If you still have that exam in front of you, then no need to worry. We have the perfect test for you! There is no pressure involved with this one, as you simply try to get every answer correct.

Whether you have been a nurse for 20 years or you are hoping to pass the nursing exam soon, can you get all of these questions right? Take the quiz and show your knowledge!

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