Quiz: Can You Answer These Basic Questions About the Moon Landing?
Can You Answer These Basic Questions About the Moon Landing?
By: Torrance Grey
Image: narvikk/E+/GettyImages

About This Quiz

In the 1960s, America was captivated by the possibility of landing a human, invariably referred to as a "man," on the moon. This goal was a matter of national prestige and pride, a matter of beating what was then our most prominent political enemy (who we'd mention by name, but can't; it'd be a spoiler for one of the quiz questions to come). It was also something of a distraction in the late 1960s when race relations and the Vietnam War were dividing the nation as few things did before or since. 

Though America's space program was lagging behind that of That Powerful Rival, there had been signs that things were going in the right direction. NASA had launched Alan Shepard into space, then John Glenn into orbit. But just when the moon seemed within reach, there was a tragic setback, a flash fire in a grounded capsule, during a launch rehearsal, killed three crew members, among them Gus Grissom. This set back manned flights for 20 months, while NASA investigated what went wrong.

As we all know, things eventually went right, and an American was the first to leave a footprint on the moon. How much do you know about this momentous historical event? We've got a quiz that'll test your space savvy - give it a try now!

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Which president considered it important to land a man on the moon "and bring him back safely"?
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What was the name of the NASA mission that the moon landing was part of?
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Which of these astronauts was NOT a part of the lunar mission?
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Which year did the Apollo 11 lunar module land on the moon?
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More specifically, in what month did the moon landing take place?
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Who was president of the U.S. at the time of the moon landing?
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True or false: The Apollo 11 mission wasn't the first time a craft had landed on the moon.
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What was the name of the lunar module (the part that actually landed)?
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Which of these Apollo astronauts didn't walk on the moon?
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About how long did Aldrin and Armstrong spend on the moon?
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What was the name of the mission's command module (which stayed in orbit during the landing)?
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The general area in which the Eagle landed was called the ...
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What was the competition with the Soviets for dominance in space commonly called?
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In which ocean did the returning Columbia module splash down?
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After returning to Earth, the Apollo astronauts spent 21 days in what?
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How many other manned moon missions have there been since Apollo 11?
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What kind of rockets launched the Apollo missions from Earth?
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The speed which allows spacecraft to overcome Earth's gravity is called...
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What was, and still is, the name of the U.S. space agency that planned the moon missions?
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What key word did Armstrong leave out of his "small step... giant leap" statement?
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Which of these is Buzz Aldrin's first name?
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Which of the Apollo 11 astronauts died in 2012?
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Which of these branches of the military did none of the Apollo astronauts serve in?
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Which series of spaceflights immediately preceded the Apollo program?
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Groundbreaking African-American mathematician Katherine Johnson, who worked on the Apollo project, was the subject of which movie?
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Which of these Hollywood directors was dogged by rumors that he helped fake the moon landing?
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True or false: The only lunar rocks on Earth are the ones Armstrong and Aldrin collected.
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How far is the moon from the Earth?
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Which of the astronauts said, "Houston, we have a problem"?
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Lunar module pilot Michael Collins shares his name with a/an ...
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