Quiz: Can You Answer These Basic Questions About the Moon?
Can You Answer These Basic Questions About the Moon?
By: Tasha Moore
Image: VladGans / E+ / Getty Images

About This Quiz

At first glance, Earth's moon is a simple celestial body, but it's extremely captivating to watch and study. We've got a crash course in basic Moon info to set you on the right lunar path. At the end of your journey, you'll know more than the average earthling about that hypnotizing orb in the sky.

In this lunar drill, we cover most of what you've always wanted to know or confirm about the Moon. We explore lunar phases, typical Moon behavior and just a smidge of the Moon's four-billion-year history. You'll discover why geologists have gone so gaga over such an unpretentious astronomical object for so long. As you'll soon see, Earth's ancient dwellers had quite a similar fascination. From their times until our time, humans continue to show our gratitude for the Moon through cultural expressions, such as dance, art, literature and song. Frank Sinatra requested a one-way flight there; R.E.M. sang about a "man" there; and Paul Simon belted a simple tune about taking an imaginary jaunt on its surface.

Now it's your turn to embrace the Moon's majesty with this quiz. Shine some moonlight on your level of lunar wisdom!

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Which planetary body is referred to as earth's satellite?
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Can you name the moon phase in which the Sun and Moon are on the same side of the Earth and only the dark side is seen?
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What is the name of the current hypothesis concerning how Earth's moon formed?
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Approximately how much smaller is the Moon in relation to Earth's diameter?
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How long does it take for the Moon to make a complete revolution around planet Earth?
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The Moon's atmosphere consists mainly of which element?
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What is the source of the Moon's light?
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Who was the first person to step on the Moon?
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On average, what is the distance of the Moon from Earth's center?
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Which solar system planet has the largest moon?
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What causes the Moon's lunar phases?
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Which country made the first successful landing on the Moon?
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What happens when the Moon passes into the Earth's shadow?
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During which lunar phase does the Moon rise at noon and set at midnight?
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A Gibbous Moon happens a few days before and after which lunar phase?
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Which celestial body is closest to Earth?
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According to scientists, what caused the craters on the Moon's surface?
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How many moons does the planet Mars have?
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What is it called when a second Full Moon occurs during a calendar month?
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What did early astronomers call large dark spots on the Moon?
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What did the Greeks call the goddess of the Moon?
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The geological history of which planet is observable by studying the Moon?
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What did astronauts collect during their lunar missions?
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How long is the Moon's synodic period?
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What is the Moon's surface gravity?
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What did the Romans call the Moon goddess?
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What is the Moon's source of water?
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How many mountain ranges does the Moon have?
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During the course of a lunar cycle, what percentage of the Moon can we see from Earth?
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How wide is the widest Moon crater?
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What is the name of the first transport vehicle that astronauts used to navigate the Moon?
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