Quiz: Can You Answer These Basic Bible Questions Every Catholic Should Know?
Can You Answer These Basic Bible Questions Every Catholic Should Know?
By: Olivia Cantor
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About This Quiz

Catholics who are steeped in their faith should know the basics of the Bible. That's because it is the ultimate source of wisdom and knowledge for the entire Roman Catholic Church. Therefore, devoted followers of this religion should be very aware of the details of how it came about, the technicalities surrounding it, and of course, the stories and characters featured in it -- perhaps the most important aspect of the Bible to know by heart.

Children who grew up having been educated in Catholic schools always have formal religious lessons integrated into their school curriculum. And these lessons are patterned after what every Catholic should learn in a given year. They contain content taken from the different parts of the Bible. There are several parts that are always cited, depending on the given season.  

But regardless of whether or not you're a Catholic, these Bible details are actually very common, since many pop culture projects have also utilized some of the basic storylines and characterizations and adapted them for modern works. 

Do you think you can identify these basics of the Bible? Let's open up the quiz and see! Have faith that you can deliver this one!

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How many major parts does the Bible have?
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The first part of the Bible was written using what ancient language?
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The Hebrew-written part of the Bible was the first part, called what?
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The second part of the Bible is also known as _________.
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The term “Bible” actually refers to what?
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What is the very first book of the Bible called?
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The first five books of the Old Testament are collectively known as what?
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What language was used to write the New Testament?
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People who follow the Bible closely associate its contents with what divine aspect?
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In the Old Testament, God gave his people which set of instructions to follow?
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The Book of Genesis contained this crucial story about how things came to be. What is it known as?
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Who is identified as the author of the Pentateuch?
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The majority of the New Testament focused on one holy figure. Who is it?
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What people are considered​ as God’s chosen, as depicted in the Bible?
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If God and Jesus are the supreme protagonists of the Bible, who is their identified antagonist?
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The Bible also contains four Gospels. But what does gospel literally mean?
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Who among these is not one of the identified authors of The Four Gospels?
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The four Gospels chronicled which main aspect of Jesus’ life?
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In which book can you find the tale of Samson and Delilah?
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Which angel is the most recognizable in the Bible?
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What is the collective term for Jesus Christ’s close-knit group of followers?
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This person is perhaps the most well-known villain in the New Testament, during Jesus’ lifetime. Who is he?
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Which book contained hymns?
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In which book can you find the story of a man who was supposed to die in a lion’s den but came out unharmed?
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The inspiring story of David defeating Goliath can be found in which book?
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What popular event was chronicled in the Gospels, offering proof to believers that Jesus was the Son of God?
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In which Bible book is the famous Judgment of Solomon story chronicled?
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Who is generally identified as the first Catholic pope, according to the Bible?
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How many commandments did Jesus say were the most important of all?
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Jesus also mentioned the second most important commandment of all, which is “Thou shalt ____ your neighbor as you _____ yourself.”
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Which book chronicles the creation of the church?
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The majority of the New Testament is actually comprised of epistles, a large portion of which was written by which holy man?
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What are epistles?
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What is the very last book of the Bible titled?
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The Bible is among the very first products experimented on by this revolutionary invention, helping it to reach more hands. What is this invention?
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