Quiz: Can You Ace This Geography Quiz with All "G" Answers?
Can You Ace This Geography Quiz with All "G" Answers?
By: Deborah Beckwin
Image: Thomas Roche/Moment/Getty Images

About This Quiz

There are so many places in the world, admittedly this quiz skipped over a few big G places. So let's confess which ones were left off.

One big G place was the Great Wall of China, which was built along the northern border of China. These sets of walls are over a millennia old and were built starting in 7th century B.C. Altogether, these walls are close to 14,000 miles long.

And then there's where the pyramids are located in Egypt--Giza. These architectural marvels were called one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Another G geography location--the Ganges (or Ganga) river which flows through India and China.  It is 1,569 miles long and one of the most sacred places for Hindus. Unfortunately, this river is very polluted, threatening humans and other animals alike.

For you Americans--there's no state of Georgia in this quiz, either. And that was actually on purpose--it's the only G state! But there are other American places that begin with the letter G.

What we hope is that this quiz will take you to some more far-flung places that aren't too obscure but are just under your nose. So get your compass, gather your growing sense of adventure and start this globe-trotting quiz.

Good luck!

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What European country is officially called the Hellenic Republic?
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The prime meridian passes through which area of southeast London, England?
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What West African country is a former French colony?
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What tony district in Seoul, South Korea was in the title of a 2012 viral K-pop song?
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Which island is located in the English Channel and off the coast of the Normandy region of France?
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What small island is part of Manhattan, New York City?
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Which mountain peak in Wyoming is a popular climbing and skiing destination?
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What Central American country has the largest population of the region?
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Which island is the largest country to not be a continent?
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Which African country is a former Portuguese colony, gaining independence in 1974?
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What Eurasian country shares the name with a U.S. state?
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What is the name of a small western state of India?
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What West African nation's name means "Warrior King"?
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What Caribbean island nation was a former French and British colony?
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This Micronesian island is a territory of the United States.
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Part of the Lesser Antilles and the Leeward Islands, which region is a part of France?
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What African nation's name comes from the Portuguese word for "cloak"?
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What is the most populous city in Scotland and the third most populous city in the United Kingdom?
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Which of the following is a city on the western coast of Ireland?
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What South American country was formerly called British Guiana?
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Which European country was reunified in 1990 after 45 years of being divided?
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Which of the following is the island that is a part of a larger UK territory in the Caribbean?
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Which territory on the Iberian Peninsula has a been contested space between Spain and the United Kingdom?
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Which West African country is situated on either side of a river with the same name?
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Which British town shares the name with a large music festival?
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Which group of islands are located between Vancouver Island and mainland British Columbia, Canada?
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Which of these lakes is NOT one of the Great Lakes?
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Which European city holds the headquarters of the Red Cross and many United Nations agencies?
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What western India state's name also includes the name of the main language spoken there?
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This large area in North America extends from southern Canada all the way down to Texas in the U.S.
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What northern Italian city's flag is the same flag that England uses?
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What Texan city also has a barrier island by the same name?
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Which group of islands did naturalist Charles Darwin visit and study its unique species, helping to develop his theory of evolution via natural selection?
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Which country considered to be a part of the UK is NOT on the isle of Great Britain?
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