Can We Guess if You're Team McDonald's or Team Burger King?

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About This Quiz

If you had to choose a side, would you join Team McDonald's or Team Burger King? Squad Whopper or League Big Mac? Don't just come out and tell us - that wouldn't be fair! Instead, the way you answer our questions about all things fast food should leave us able to accurately guess which of the two restaurants is your first choice. 

During this quiz, we promise not to ask you about items found at either place. We would rather get to know the subtle nuances of fast food that you find most enjoyable. From the kind of bun you prefer to the type of french fries you like most, we're hoping your likes and dislikes will make your favorite fairly obvious to us. We might ask you about your favorite foods from other fast food restaurants, but everyone knows that they are third in line behind these two giants! 

Sink your teeth into this quiz until you're saying "I'm lovin' it," or you know you've had it your way, and we'll do our best to figure it out. Would you be found on the sidelines of the soda machine with red and gold pom-poms or would you be part of the royal court? Lettuce take our best guess!

How do you feel about pickles on your burger?

Do you prefer Taco Bell or KFC?

Which condiment do you use most?

What time of day do you usually get fast food?

Do you dine in or go through the drive-thru?

What kind of fries do you like most?

What tastes best with avocado?

How do you feel about onion rings?

Which fast food dessert would you order?

What do you wash down a fast food meal with?

Do you ever order salads at fast food restaurants?

What kind of bun do you prefer?

What kind of salad dressing do you like most?

How do you feel about Arby's?

Do you ask for extra salt?

Would you ever dip your fries in ice cream?

Which Wendy's item would you like most?

When is the last time you had a Happy Meal?

Do you like Long John Silver's?

Have you ever worked in fast food?

Have you ever been to a fast food birthday party?

Which restaurant has the best coffee?

Which breakfast sandwich topping do you like most?

Do you have any fast food apps?

How do you prefer to eat chicken?

How would you feel about fast food tater tots?

How many times a month do you eat fast food?

Do you put a lot of ice in your drinks?

Do you like pizza as much as fast food?

What flavor milkshake would you order?

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