Can We Guess If You're More Sonic or Dairy Queen?

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Everybody loves burgers, ice cream, milkshakes and fried chicken. However, not everyone has the same preferences. Some people are Dairy Queen people; others are Sonic people. While both chains have been American staples since the mid-1900s and are similar, they are not interchangeable.

The two restaurants had different approaches to entering the business. Dairy Queen, which was founded in 1950, opened its first store in Joliet, Illinois. For years, Dairy Queen focused on frozen treats before adding fast food fair to its menu. In contrast, Sonic was founded as Top Hat in 1953. At the time, it was a root beer stand with a selection of hamburgers and hot dogs. It would eventually expand its selection of drinks and milkshakes. 

Even though both restaurants offer a variety of food, with Sonic even serving breakfast, they are known for different things. Sonic is known for its roller-skating car hops and the distinctiveness of its drive-in design, whereas Dairy Queen is known for the thickness of its Blizzards. 

While it is likely that you enjoy both a Blizzard and a Sonic Blast, let's find out if you're more Dairy Queen or Sonic! Which dessert and fast food restaurant will forever own your heart? 

When you're craving a sweet beverage, what are you most likely to order?

How important is it to have food delivered directly to your car?

Which snack do you find the most addicting?

Is it necessary for a fast food restaurant to serve breakfast?

How many mix-ins do you put in your ice cream?

When you decide to blow your diet, what ice cream treat are you eating?

How do you order your hot dog?

Is it necessary for a place that serves ice cream to serve more than just vanilla?

You're craving fried chicken, how are you ordering it?

Microwave pretzels just aren't cutting it, which pretzel are you ordering?

What do you like on the side of your main dish?

You're in the mood for something more than a classic burger, which menu item catches your eye?

Which wrap are you ordering when you need something you can eat fast?

You're keeping it classic, which ice cream your ordering?

After you visit, what are you bringing home for later?

Which mix-in is the most appealing?

Happy hour starts at 2pm, are you getting to the restaurant before 4pm?

Do you need your server to show you that your treat can be flipped upside down without spilling?

Does your favorite restaurant have cakes you can bring home for celebrations?

What are the kids getting with their meal?

Does your favorite restaurant allow you to get a full meal under 6 bucks?

How do you like your cold beverages?

When you're going out are you looking for a full meal or mostly dessert?

Are you washing your ice cream down with coffee?

What non-ice cream dessert are you ordering?

Which cheesecake inspired treat are you eating?

What kind of ice cream do you like putting M&M's in?

When you want to be a little healthy, do you get an banana split?

What's the largest burger you can eat?

Which fruit-flavored ice cream treat is your go-to?

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