Can We Guess if You're More Cruiser, Enduro, or Touring?

Brian Whitney

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About This Quiz

If you aren't in the know, you might think that every type of motorbike is the same, but if you do think that, you couldn't be more wrong. Which is most your scene?

Which word describes you best?

How often would you ride your bike in the rain?

Are your dating relationships mostly stable?

How often would you wear normal clothes on your bike, other than a helmet?

Would you ever ride your bike to work?

What are you most likely doing on a Friday night?

Where would you like to sleep when on vacation?

How fast do you like to go?

What would you like most about being on a bike?

Would you ever want to look like you were in a biker gang?

What would you be most likely to do?

You are speeding and you see a cop up ahead, what do you do?

What did you do most as a kid?

What kind of facial hair would you wear?

How do you handle conflict?

How loud do you want your bike to be?

Do you want someone on the back of your bike?

How much did you like "Sons of Anarchy?"

Where would you most like to ride?

What do you wear to work?

Zip lining sounds...

Would you want to wear comfortable clothes, even if they were ugly?

How do you deal with a traffic jam?

What is your biker name?

Where would you want to go?

Which vehicle would you prefer?

Do you like hiking?

What's for dinner?

What are you doing at the beach?

Would you race someone if challenged?

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