Can We Guess if You're East Coast or West Coast?

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The coast of America is a vast and beautiful thing. Whether you are eating fried dough and checking out the scenery in Old Orchard Beach, Maine, having a margarita in Key West, Florida, checking out the rugged beauty in Port Angeles, Washington, or waxing your surfboard in Venice Beach, California, you're chilling out in one of the most beautiful places in the entire world. But the thing is, while the coastal beauty of all those places is similar, the vibe of each of them is totally different.

What about you? What kind of coastal vibe do you have? Are you the type of person that would be more likely to eat a veggie burrito and check out people's bodies on the beach, or would you be more likely to eat a lobster and hike along some challenging, rugged and rocky coastline? Is your thing more listening to a reggae band at a beach party, or going to a dive bar on the pier? 

Hey, no matter what your scene is, whether it is east coast or west coast, you still have it going on. Living near the ocean, no matter where it might be located is one of the coolest things ever. Take this quiz to find out which one you belong closest to. 

Do you ever call California "Cali"?

How often do you eat avocados?

How busy are you?

How many miles do you drive a week?

What is your favorite basketball team?

Do you surf?

Would you ever call a woman "dude"?

How fast do you walk?

How many friends do you have that are actors?

Disneyland or Disney World?

Do you speak any Spanish?

What is better, NorCal or SoCal?

Where would you get a burger?

How often do you say "Rad"?

Do you eat vegan?

Do earthquakes freak you out?

Who is your favorite rapper?

How often do you swear?

Are you sarcastic?

Do you tend to be rude?

Do you do a good fake smile?

Which is your favorite "Real Housewives" show?

Are you a fan of Seinfeld?

Have you ever smoked cigarettes?

How much coffee do you drink?

Do you ever eat at chain restaraunts?

What is most important in a mate?

How many hours a night do you sleep?

How much did you like the movie "Clueless?"

What is your favorite sport?

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