Can We Guess if You're an Offensive or Defensive Player?

By: Teresa M.
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About This Quiz

When you take to the field, which side of the line do you find yourself on? Once we get to know how you handle the competition, we will be able to guess if you are an offensive player or a defensive player. All you have to do is be a good sport and answer the questions we give you. 

While every athletic mind has a lot of strength and resolve, some personalities are best suited to either play offense or to hold the line on defense. As we go through this quiz, we will ask a few questions about your athletic prowess and how you play the game. But we think the most telling signs of your position will be best gathered by examining your lifestyle and the way you handle everyday situations. 

Whether you are playing on the gridiron or the pitch, your attitudes and the way you carry yourself will show off your offensive or defensive side. Your dedication to your chosen sport and your outlook on the game will go a long way towards helping us make an accurate guess. 

Now, break from the huddle and answer our question like your scholarship depends on it. Then, we'll let you know if we think you belong on the offense or the defense. How will we do?

How often do you workout?

Which sport is the most fun to watch?

Have you ever scored a touchdown?

Which country has the best soccer team?

How competitive are you?

Which outdoor activity do you like most?

Would you like to coach a team?

How would your boss describe your work?

Did you play sports in high school?

How were your grades in college?

Which football team do you like most?

Do you consider NASCAR a sport?

How healthy do you eat?

Which exercise could you do the most of?

What would your closest friend say is your best trait?

Which baseball team is most exciting to watch?

Do you get eight hours of sleep every night?

Are you self motivated?

Are you a good team player?

How big are your biceps?

Which famous athlete do you admire most?

How would you describe your driving?

Which baseball position takes the most skill?

Which sports-related movie do you like best?

Would you be a good cheerleader?

Could you pass a NFL physical?

Do you follow through with commitments?

What do you love almost as much as you love the game?

Have you ever run a marathon?

Do you drink enough water every day?

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