Can We Guess Your Zodiac Sign by How You'd Spend the Day If You Were Rich AF?

Emily Maggrett

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About This Quiz

Let's face it, we'd all love to spend a day being rich AF. Well, this quiz is your chance! We want you to tell us how you'd live as a rich AF person. What would you eat? How would you dress? Where would you go?

Based on your answers, we'll calculate your zodiac sun sign. Are you the type of rich AF person who wants to stay in bed all day, being waited on hand and foot? Taurus or Leo is probably strong in your chart! Are you the kind of rich AF person who wants to party at the trendiest clubs? We're guessing you're not a Virgo!

Bear in mind, your sun sign isn't the only astrological aspect that affects how money operates in your life. The planets in your second and eighth houses can affect your financial future. In addition, whatever sign Venus is in affects how you think about luxury. If your Venus is in Capricorn, you love buying things that will last, while those with Venus in Cancer may be obsessed with redecorating their homes.

Nevertheless, we've never met a Leo who didn't love to blow their money on fancy haircuts, or a Sagittarius who wasn't enamored of foreign travel. 

Want to prove us wrong? Answer these questions about your rich AF day and let us guess your sign!

You wake up at the crack of ten. Are you starting your morning by swimming with dolphins?

Time for breakfast! What's the plan?

You get dressed. What are you wearing?

Your BFF texts you that they're ready for an adventure. What do you do?

In the course of your adventure, you come across an exclusive street of designer stores. Where do you shop?

At the store, you see a pair of _____ and can't resist buying them, even though you already have a dozen other pairs.

As you proceed down the street, people can't help but stare. They're most attracted to your _______.

Your mom calls. Do you pick up?

Your BFF wants to stop for coffee before you fly to Italy to ride motorcycles along the coast. What do you order?

An orphan approaches you as you leave the coffee shop and asks you for a donation. What do you give her?

The person you're interested in sends you a sultry text, offering to meet you in Rome for dinner, dancing and [winky emoji]. But you have plans with your friends that night. What do you do?

You and your BFF decide to party on a boat, as that's definitely a rich person thing. Do you urge the captain to sail away from the harbor, or are you afraid of the open sea?

During the boat party, a woman comments on your stunning jewelry. Which stone(s) does it feature?

Time for lunch! What's on the menu?

As you're eating lunch, two raging hotties appear at your table. One wants to talk about philosophy, while the other wants to tell you about an innovative art exhibition. What do you do?

Your business manager calls, asking if you'd like to conduct any major business deals later. What do you say?

Your other BFF spontaneously texts you to see if you want to go skydiving. What do you do?

It's been a busy day. Do you take advantage of being rich AF to nap whenever you want?

Your personal assistant texts you with an insane piece of gossip about one of your business rivals. What do you do?

You pass by a newsstand full of insane gossip about YOU. How do you feel?

It's late afternoon, and your BFF wants to hit the gym. Do you go along?

A reporter wants to interview you for an article on hot influential moguls. What do you say?

You have the opportunity to preview a new virtual reality technology that is so realistic, it gives people panic attacks. Are you into it?

A famous photographer wants you to do a nude, but artistic, photo shoot with them. Yea or nay?

Time for dinner! Where are you eating?

After dinner, you decide that you and your BFF deserve a treat. What do you get?

It's 10 p.m. and your friends are here, ready to go out. Which city do you party in?

While you're out, you run into a musician who's well-known for partying hard. They ask you if you want to go to an after party. What do you say?

It's getting very late. Do you go home, or are you just getting started?

Time for bed! Where are you sleeping?

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