Can We Guess Your "Type"?

By: Teresa M.
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About This Quiz

Are you sure you know your absolutely perfect type? We often get used to the same old, same old type being attracted to us, but what about our true type? The kind of person you really long to meet, love, and maybe someday marry? Telling us all about yourself and about the way you view relationships will help us to guess the type that you are really drawn to deep down inside. 

Have you ever thought about the way our types are formed? Is it a matter of familiarity or a matter of experience? It's possible that the type of person we choose to date could come from our upbringing or our early influences? No one actually knows how types are formed, but we're sure that we'll figure yours out! Your habits, your quirks, and your choices will tell us what type we think you might be best suited to date. 

Our guess may be completely different than your idea of your type, but keep an open mind! If you answers pointed to that type, there may be a very good reason! You could have been looking at the wrong type the whole time. In which case, this quiz will make you open your eyes!

Which word would you use to describe your best friend?

What do you like most about your job?

Which animal might be your spirit animal?

What are you most likely to do on a Sunday afternoon?

Finish these sentence: In the mornings, I'm ______________.

Would you say you are romantic?

Which kind of television do you watch most often?

What is your most dominant facial feature?

What job might you have had in a former life?

Where would you most like to go on a first date?

What drives your craziest?

What do you find most attractive in others?

Are you more of a cat person or a dog person?

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Do you kiss and tell?

Are you more of an introvert or an extrovert?

What kind of music do you listen to most often?

How would your mom describe you?

What role do you play in your friend group?

How do you feel about first impressions?

What time of day do you feel most productive?

What time of year do you like most?

Are you a patient person?

Where do you most like to shop for clothing?

Describe your laugh:

What flavor ice cream do you like most?

Which of the four elements do you relate to most?

What position do you sleep in?

What kind of car do you drive?

Which Disney princess do you like most?

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