Can We Guess Your Personality Type From the Words You Use?

Teresa McGlothlin

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About This Quiz

While you could go take a lengthy scientific-based personality test that will spell out all of your misgivings, we think that we have thought of a more light-hearted way to sum you up. After we take a look at the words you love, the words you use and the words you hate, we'll know exactly what type of personality you possess. Then, we'll take our best shot at defining you. 

Much like that other type of personality test, we need to examine your individual traits. Your personality type is made from all of your little parts, and each of our questions will draw out small bits of information about you. When you have finished answering our questions, we will add up all your quirks and qualities until we are certain we know your type. 

We promise not to give you a bunch of letters and expect you to think we know your personality type. Instead, seeing the words you do and do not use will give us the ability to define you in terms you don't need a psychologist to understand. Whether you're the intellectual type or the fun-loving jokester, we think your words will give you away! Or will they? 

Which word for underwear do you use?

What do you call the thing you cover up with at night?

What do you call your vehicle?

Which word do you use when you really like something?

Which word would you substitute for coffee?

What letter does your favorite cuss word start with?

If something is beautiful, which word would you use?

Which word would you use to insult someone?

Which word do you use when you're excited?

How would you describe a rose?

What do you call your sweetheart most often?

What do you call it other than money?

Which word for grandmother do you use?

Which word do you use most when something is delicious?

What do you carry things in?

Do you call it soda, or is it pop?

How do you describe a boring event?

Which word would you use to describe the stars?

How do you greet your co-workers?

Which word would you use to express your thanks?

What do you call the stuff you take out to the curb?

What do you call the place you live?

Which word do you use when you stub your toe?

What do you put on wounds?

How would you describe the color lime green?

What do you say when something's gross?

Which word for brainy do you like most?

How would you describe a small room?

What word for sleeping do you use most?

What do you put in the car's tank?

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