Can We Guess Your Personality Based on How You Perceive Men?

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There are folks who see all men as bad news, or as man-babies who can't run a household; others see them as providers and protectors; and yet others see them as complex partners, with strengths and flaws. What does your vision tell us about you?

Are women nicer than men?

Is it bad for a relationship if the man earns less?

Should a man be tall?

Should men know how to fight?

Can men look after little kids just as well as women?

Must a man be muscled?

Should men be allowed to be kindergarten teachers?

What movie star is the ideal man?

What is the top quality that makes a man husband material?

What famous father is a good father?

What's the worst thing that is put upon men by today's ideas about masculinity?

On a first date, what would immediately disqualify a man from being worthy of a second date?

Which biblical figure is a good man?

Should a man be a virgin until marriage?

If a man cries, does that make him less of a man?

What's your take on chivalry?

Would it matter if a man wasn't handy with tools and home projects?

Do you like chest hair?

Who should pay for dinner?

Can you reform a bad boy?

Should men be in the military?

Is it less manly for a man to be an artist than to be a plumber?

If the ideal man were a dog, what dog would he be?

Is a man the head of the household?

Can a gay man be "manly?"

If a man gets lots of manicures, is that weird?

Can men clean apartments properly?

What should a man wear on a first date?

If you could open a jar yourself, would you ask a man to do it?

What sport should a man play?

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