Can We Guess Your Middle Name?

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About This Quiz

Most people have a middle name, which may stem from biblical figures, family members or a philosophical meaning to life. Maybe you think that your middle name doesn't mean much, but we're here to prove you wrong. 

Your middle name says a lot about you, which may include your best and worst attributes, your lifestyle habits and even your inner soul. Maybe you have a biblical middle name that matches your independence, willpower and leadership qualities. Examples of such names that exhibit some of these personality traits include Abraham, Achim, Amal and Ami. Some middle names also sound quite exotic, such as Nova, Akila, Hamisi and Lola. But did you know that not everyone has a middle name? Some people only have a first and last name, and that's OK too!

But if you do have a middle name, what do you think it says about your inner personality? Do you find the meaning of your middle name to be true, or is it the opposite of who you are as a person? Maybe you even want to change your middle name or remove it completely. Tell us more about how you feel with this personality quiz so we can guess what your actual middle name is!

Do you write with your right or left hand?

What gives you stability in life?

Does the concept of perfection mean anything to you?

If you could rule over the land, sea or sky, which would you choose?

Do you try to change some of your bad habits?

If you could touch "love," what would it feel like?

You're allowed to change your name to one of these Greek goddesses. Who do you choose?

What is a person's name defined by?

If you could add an epic title to your name, which of these would you choose?

Let's say that you became a famous movie star. Would you have a stage name?

What does silence sound like to you?

Is it better to earn $20 or steal $100?

You can only eat one of these foods for the rest of your life. Which do you choose?

When talking to someone you don't know that well, how many minutes would it take for you to receive a good or bad impression of them?

Would you rather freeze time or travel through time?

If your average mood was one of the colors of the rainbow, what color would it be?

Let's say that someone just told you that they are from the future. Would you believe them?

How honest of a person you are on a scale of 1 to 10?

If love could be bought, how much would you pay for it?

You can speak to one of these historical figures for one hour. Who do you choose?

Do you feel like your life is going forwards or backwards?

How would you describe the shape of your imagination?

What is the best way to complete a task efficiently?

What do you want to be known for after you die?

Which of these animals represents fear?

Do you feel the happiest when you're alone or when you're surrounded by people?

If you had the choice to hear other people's thoughts, would you accept this type of power?

When you have an "aha moment," what appears above your head?

What is more important in life, talking or listening?

If you found a real diamond, would you keep it or sell it?

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